Jamestown is Settled

  • Roanoke Is Made

    Roanoke Is Made
    The people finally get to Roanoke Island in what is present day Virginia
  • Jamestown is Made

    Jamestown is Made
    Jamestown is getting it's triangular wall put up to pretect them from the indians
  • Pocahontas gets Married

    pocahontas gets married and then is brought to england to learn there ways
  • What the Colonists bring

    What the Colonists bring
    the english on there trip bring many things but not woman
  • The Experience of Tabacco

    The Experience of Tabacco
    Tabacco when found out was and stayed a big hit
  • Woman come

     Woman come
    Finally the women come to Jamestown
  • Jamestown is Left

    Jamestown is Left
    the settlers leave James town because it is too much. The Colonists have experienced a winter of starvation and siege by the Powhatan. They choose to abandon the settlement.
  • Pocahontas Dies

    Pocahontas Dies
    This is Pocahontas at Gravesend dead she died after many years as a Englander
  • De La Warr Brings Them Back

    De La Warr Brings Them Back
    De La Warr brings them all back.
  • What John Smith Does

    What John  Smith Does
    John Smith was a explorer he went to many places. LikeRussia.
  • De La Warr Dies

     De La Warr Dies
    De La Warr died after a while at Jamestown. then one of his trusted liutenets took over.
  • The Massacre

    The Massacre
    The Massacre happens but theJamestown settlers are safe. others died