Jack Dennis Timeline by Brynn Buechler

Timeline created by BrynnBuechler98
  • Born on the 13th of October

    Dennis was boring in New Jersey on October 13th 1931
  • Graduated from MIT

    Graduated from MIT
    Graduated from MIT with a Bachelor of Science
  • Doctorate in Electrical Engineering

    Doctorate in electrical engineering and joined the MIT faculty
  • Dictionary of the TMRC language

    Dictionary of the TMRC language
    Dictionary of the TMRC Language with Peter Samson and helped the Tech Model RailRoad club with this language.
  • Access to the TX-0

    Access to the TX-0
    Allowed students access to the TX-0 computer working with the Tech Model Railraod club at MIT
  • First interactive computer system

    Dennis designed an extensive set of hardware alterations to create the first interactive time-shared computer systems
  • Multics Project

    Multics Project
    Dennis was a founding member of the Multics project, an early timesharing operating system, to which he contributed several key concepts
  • Eckert - Mauchly Award

    Dennis received the Eckert-Mauchly Award,  for contributions to the field of computer architecture, and becoming a Fellow of the IEEE and of the ACM
  • Retires from MIT

    Retires from MIT
    Dennis retires from MIT to do independent projects and consulting
  • Collaboration at McGill University

    Collaboration at McGill University
    Prof. Dennis collaborated with Prof. Gao Guang-Rong at McGill University in studies of processing element architecture
  • Architecture Group

    Dr. Dennis worked with the Architecture Group of Carlstedt Elektronik, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Chief Scientist of Acorn Networks

    Chief Scientist of Acorn Networks
    Prof. Dennis served as Chief Scientist of Acorn Networks, Inc. This company engaged in developing high-performance silicon devices for the communications infrastructure
  • ACM Hall of Fame

    ACM Hall of Fame
    Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Operating Systems Hall of Fame
  • IEEE John Von Neumann Medal

    IEEE John Von Neumann Medal
    IEEE John Von Neumann Medal