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J + A History

  • First Encounter!

    First Encounter!
    First time I met this girl :) However she couldn't remember.... haha. Ah well, she left a lasting impression on me nonetheless.
  • We Meet Again ;)

    We Meet Again ;)
    Finally, after four years without seeing her, but never forgetting her face, she came back into my life at the best time. It was a rough 2 months for me as I just finished chemotherapy. I went to a TFC soccer game and stopped by at a friends place for a house warming party, just to say hi, because I got tired very quick. There she was, Avery-Brookes Anne Francis. Four years later, and there was no way I could forget that face. I ensured I wouldn't let her slip between my fingers this time.
  • Facebook Chat

    Facebook Chat
    After the house warming party, she added me to facebook :) I like to thank the cancer on that one, for giving me the courage to go up to her, and my slyness to get her to add me. We were on facebook for 2 hours chatting, and it was quite possibily one of the best times I had in months. At that moment, my headache, hairlessness, paleness, and tiredness couldn't prevent me from happinness.