Itza Juarez-Timeline

  • Chayanne

    Elmer Figueroa was born in 1968, later he became a celebrity known as Chayanne.
  • Teenage group.

    Teenage group.
    After a few years, he auditioned for a youth group and was accepted. It was the beginning of his musical career
  • Dark time.

    Dark time.
    Some time later, the band in which he was involved broke up, but during his stay in the band he discovered his love for music and dance.
  • Debut solo album.

    Debut solo album.
    As time passed, he returned to his musical career with his debut solo album entitled "Chayanne".
  • Chayanne II.

    Chayanne II.
    After a year, he released his second album with which he achieved great success.
  • Latin Artist.

    Latin Artist.
    with "tiempo de vals", his third album came out and he became one of the most influential Latin artists.
  • Chayanne's success

    Chayanne's success
    Years later he released his album entitled "Provocame", with this he definitely became one of the most listened to artists of his time.
  • Hit.

    After a few years without recording songs, he returned to the industry with "Volver a nacer" becoming a big hit.
  • Boom boom.

    Boom boom.
    In 2000 "Simplemente" was released, within the repertoire of this album is the song "Boom boom" which became one of the most danced songs.
  • Music.

    years later his album "Sincero" came out in order to introduce himself to his style of music.
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    Timeline Chayanne

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    timeline Chayanne