Italian Unification

  • Nationalist revolts boomed across the region

  • young Italy

    Giuseppe Mazzini founded Young Italy, a secret society whose goal was "to constitute Italy, one, free, idependent, republic nation."
  • The leadership of the Risorgimento was passed to the kingdom of Sardinia

  • Revolutionary Republic

    Mazzini set up a revolutionary republic in Rome, but was soon toppled by French forces.
  • Cavour

    Victor Emmanuel appointed Count Camillo Cavour the prime minister. He was flexible, practical, and crafty politician. He was a monarchist who beleived in Realpolitik, just like Bismarck.
  • Crimean War

    Sardinia helped Britain and France fight in the Crimean War against Russia. Gained voice at the peace conference and the attention of Napoleon III.
  • Garibaldi

    Garibaldi made a force of one thousand red shirt volonteers. They went to Sicily with weapons and two ships provided by Cavour.
  • Victor Emmanuel II was crowned king of Italy