Italian Fascist

  • Italian State Created

    Italians felt that their country had done poorly in the pervious war. They also wanted a stroger government,
  • 88 Fascist Groups In Italy

    20,615 people formed 88 fascist groups.
  • 834 Fasci

    Over 200, 000 memebers formed 834 Fasci
  • Elections 1921

    The fascist party did poorly in the election, they only gained 35 seats out of the 533 seats in parliament.
  • March On Rome

    Created by Mussolini. He did it to obtain complete control of Italy. In October he had threatened to "March On Rome" with 26, 000 armed troops to force the government to restore order.
  • Occupation Of Corfu

    Italian soldiers were killed in an incident while mapping out Albanaia's borders with Greece. Mussolini was angered and bombarded and then he occupied the Greek Island of Corfu.
  • Combat Squads

    Organized by Mussolini as the military tool for his political movement.
  • Acerbo Law

    An electoral law was forced through parliament it would assure a two thrids majority in the chamber of Deputies. For the party that got the most votes in the election. It was prosposed by Baron Giccomo Acerbo and passed by the Italian Parliament in November.
  • Election 1924

    The fascist party became the majority government.
  • Matteoti

    He was a socialist leader, he was vocally oppsed to fascist corruption and violence, He was murdered eleven days after his annnoucement.
  • Locarno Pacts

    Signed by Mussolini, meant that Italy would protect France's borders from Germany.
  • Political Parties/Union Banned

    Mussolini had all anti-fascism parties banned in Italy. Trade Union were also suppressed.
  • OVRA

    Secret police formed by Mussolini known as the
    Organization for Vigiliance and Repression of Anti-Fascism.
  • Election Cancelled

    Members were no longer elected into government they were chosen by the fascist Grand Council adviced by Mussolini.
  • Stresa Front

    An agreement that was made between the French. Britian, and Italy. It is to reaffirm the Locarno Treatu and to declare the Independence Of Austria.
  • Invasion Of Ethiopia

    Musolini had invaded Ethiopia because he wanted it to be one of Italy's colonies. This was the first time mustard gas and phosgene gas was used from Italian armed forces.