Issues in 21st Century South America

By nb10140
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    South American Issues

  • Preident Bush still traveling to Peru after car bomb explodes near US embassy.

    A car bomb exploded near the us embassy in Peru, killing nine people.
  • Venezuelan president forced out of power by military.

    President Hugo Chavez was forced from power by the military, after a three day strike caused 11 deaths.
  • Socialist Lula elected president in Brazil.

    Socialist leader Lula won the presidency in Brazil.
  • Army Reservists sieze police station in southern Peru town, causing them to declare a state of emergency.

    A Peruvian town has delcared a stated of emergency after a police station was siezed by army reservists.
  • Gang have been launching attacks in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    There have been at least 100 reported attcks in Sao Paulo. At least 52 deaths have been reported.
  • 7.7 magnitude quake in Chile leavin 1000's homeless.

  • Colombian guerilla leader killed in ecuador.

  • Ecuador adopts a new constituion.

  • Police looking for drug gangs in Rio de Janeiro

  • Internal war in Colombia is coming to an end.