Issac Asimov

  • Birth

    Isaac Asimov is born in approximately between October 4, 1919 to January 2, 1920 in Petrovichi.
  • Robbie

    A science fiction short story written by Isaac Asimov as the first of the series of I, Robot. It focuses on a robot dubbed Robbie who is an assistant for a girl named Gloria, and at the end, saves her, earning her family's trust.
  • Reason

    The third book in chronology in the series: I, Robot. In the story, two humans that enter a space station attempt to reason with a highly advanced robot named Cutie, but fail.
  • Liar!

    The fifth book in the I, Robot chronology and talks about a manufacturing robot.
  • Runaround

    The second story in the series of I, Robot written by Isaac Asimov. Runaround talks about two humans and one robot entering a Mercurian mining station and attempts to instruct a robot named Speedy to get some selenium.
  • Catch That Rabbit

    Catch That Rabbit
    This is the 4th book written by Isaac Asimov in the series of I, Robot. The two humans appear once more in the 4th book trying to make a robot named Dave to start producing ore. However, because of Dave's power, he cannot work as when he has to make a significant decision, his mind overloads.
  • Escape!

    Powell and Donovan go aboard the ship and realize the super computer dubbed the brain and realizes that it ha become too intelligent.
  • Evidence

    The 7th book in the I, Robot series.
  • Little Lost Robot

    Little Lost Robot
    The 6th book in the I, Robot series.
  • Pebble in the Sky

    Pebble in the Sky
    The 3rd book in the Empire series written by Isaac Asimov.
  • The Evitable Conflict

    The Evitable Conflict
    The final book in the I, Robot saga written by Asimov.
  • The Stars, Like Dust

    The Stars, Like Dust
    The first book in the The Empire series.
  • Foundation

    The first book in the Foundation series time wise but in chronology it was the 3rd book.
  • The Currents of Space

    The Currents of Space
    It is the second in chronology of the Galactic Empire and talks about how humans have colonized the planets in the future.
  • Foundation and Empire

    Foundation and Empire
    The 4th book in the Foundation series.
  • Second Foundation

    Second Foundation
    The fifth book in the Foundation chronology written by Isaac Asimov.
  • The Caves of Steel

    The Caves of Steel
    The first book in Isaac Asimov's Robot series.
  • The Naked Sun

    The Naked Sun
    Just like its predecessor in the series, The Caves of Steel, it is a whodunit story, but focuses on a different character but has science fiction references just like the first one.
  • The Robots of Dawn

    The Robots of Dawn
    The third novel in Isaac Asimov's Robot series, it tells a whodunit mystery which focuses on a police officer named Elijah Baley.
  • Robots and Empire

    Robots and Empire
    A culmination of Asimov's best short stories. Part of his Empire series.
  • Prelude to Foundation

    Prelude to Foundation
    This is the first prequel to the Foundation Series. It tells of a man named Hariseldon, the inventor of pyschohistory. It is one of Asimov's later books.
  • Forward the Foundation

    Forward the Foundation
    The secound prequel to the Foundation series published posthumously in 1993.