• 136

    Emporer hardrian crushes the jewish

    Emporer hardrian defeats the jewish and bans them from jerusalem.
  • 140

    End of Anit-Jewish laws

    In the 140 or 150s ends the anti-jewish laws and sanhedrin resusluts in galilee
  • 306

    Intimarry The Jewish

    The Spanish Synod forbids Christians to eat with Jews or to marry them.
  • 320

    Ptolemy captures jerusalem

    The Ptolemy captures jerusalem
  • 324

    Jerusalem is under a new rule

    jerusalem is under a new rule called the byzantine rule.
  • 362

    Return of the jewish

    Julian the Apostate allows the Jewish to return to Jerusalem.
  • 570

    The birth of Mohammed.

  • Jan 1, 600

    Arabs conqured jerusalem

    The arabs conqured jerusalem
  • Jan 1, 614

    Jerusalem gets conquered

    Jerusalem gets conquered by persians
  • Jan 1, 624

    Mohammed executes jewish people

    Mohammed executes all jewish males in media
  • The zionists start a movement

    the Zionists try to start a jewish state in palestine
  • jewish and arab conflict

    A conflict starts between the jewish and arab populations.
  • World war 1

    1914 throught 1918 world war one started and ended.
  • The Balfour declaration

    The Balfour declaration was issued by great britain for supporting the idea of the jewish living in Palestine.
  • World war II

    1939-1945 when 6 million jews were killed in the holocaust
  • Arab and jewish get there own state

    The united nations seperated the arab and jewish apart.
  • Isreal

    The nation isreal takes half of the arabics.
  • New Law

    The law of return was made for any jewish person to settle in isreal
  • War with egytion people

    1968 through 1970 egypt fought isreal.
  • Peace Treaty

    Finally a peace treaty between the isreal people and the egytption people.
  • Operation moses

    the imirgration of jews from ethiopia
  • Palestnians riots

    The palestinians people initiated riots after the isreal leader vistied the temple mount.
  • Anti-Jewish laws

    Hadrian is accepted by antoninus pius who enforces his anti-Jewish laws.
  • Byzantine recaptures jerusalem

    The Byzantine recapture jerusalem from the persians
  • Caliph Omar goes to jersusalem

    Caliph Omar enters jerusalem for the first time.