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    Historical Events in North America Timeline

  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    In 1801, after Spain gave Louisiana back to France, Thomas Jefferson wanted western Florida and New Orleans to buy from Napoleon Bonaparte- the leader of France. Napoleon was about to go into war with Britain, so he needed money. He sold all of Louisiana for $15 million. Jefferson bought it to expand the U.S.'s borders.
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark Expedition
    Meriwether Lewis and William Clark went to North Dakota, then reached the Pacific Ocean. After they went to Oregon, they returned to St. Louis, Missouri; where they started the expedition. They found the Pacific Ocean- what they wanted to do. They went on the expedition to find out about the Louisiana Purchase.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    It began when Britain started to take American soldiers to work for them against thier wills. The Americans declared war with them in June 1812 (James Madison). Both sides won some important battles. A treaty ended the war. This occured in the colonies, and states close to them.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    It was passed to preserve balance between free states and slave states. Congress passed it. It prohibited slavery in the Louisiana Territory and admitted Missouri as a slave state. It happend in the Louisiana Territory and Missouri.
  • Underground Railroad establishment

    Underground Railroad establishment
    It was a network of people who helped slaves escape to the North and Canada. They escaped so they wouldn't have to be slaves, and could live free lives. It led to free states, Canada, Mexico, or islands in the Caribbean Sea.
  • Oregon Trail

    Oregon Trail
    Pioneers traveled to Oregon Country west, in a wagon train. They faced many hardships in finding food, and crossing rivers. They went because they wanted to settle there, and some wanted to sell cattle. It went from Independence, Missouri to the Oregon Country. It happend in the 1830s.
  • Fighting between American settlers and Mexicans

    Fighting between American settlers and Mexicans
    In Texas, Mexico offered the Americans some land for settlement. Once American settlers came to Texas, the Mexican government became worried, so they tried to stop further American settlement, and gave extra high taxes to the ones already living there. The Americans got angry, so fighting broke out between them, and the Mexicans. The Mexicans won on March 6, 1836.
  • Mormon Trail

    Mormon Trail
    Since Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ Latterday Saints) were not welcome to many places in the U.S., they went west for more religious freedom, and to form their own communities. Brigham Young, a Mormon leader, led the group on a 1,000-mile trip. That was known as the Mormon Trail. They went from Illinois to Great Salt Lake valley in Utah. It was in the 1840s.
  • Mexican-American War

    Mexican-American War
    When the U.S. claimed the border between Texas and Mexico, Mexico said it was the Nueces River 100 miles north of Rio Grande, and it was theirs. Then, a war broke out. They fought over the land. However, Mexico was defeated. This occured in the area between the Nueces River and Rio Grande in Mexico.
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    After James Marshall found gold in California in 1848, other gold was found there, and many people came there in 1849. Many came to find gold and become rich. There were men, women, and African Americans. People came from all over the world. Since the population of California grew by more than 100,000 people; it became a state (in 1850). (It was the 31 state).