Isabel I of England

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  • 1535

    Her parents

    Her parents
    Her father Enrique VIII wanted a boy but her wife Ana Bolena gave birth to Isabel, years after Ana had a boy, who died in his birth, so Enrique accuse her wife of adultery, and she sumitted to death. Furthermore he declared Isabel misbegotten.
  • 1543


    Isabel and her sisters' decrees of bastardy were revoked
  • 1548

    Isabel's problems

    Isabel's problems
    1548 Catalina Parr died and the people believed that Thomas Seymour killed her and had been unfaithfull before taht with Isabel. She defended her self and in 1549, Seymour was killed.
  • 1553

    Maria I's reign

    In 1553 Isabel's step brother (Eduardo) died. Isabel support Maria I, who was proclaimed queen, unfortunately she was sentenced to death for conspiracy with Thomas Wyatt.
  • 1558

    Isabel I's reign

    Maria I died without descent and, according to the death king Henry VIII, Isabel had to succeed her. And apart from the poblems in the other reigns, this queen was accepted.
    A year later Isabel promulgated edicts that reinforce Protestantism without outlawing Catholics.
  • Period: Nov 17, 1558 to


    She was queen of England and Ireland until her death in Richarmond's palace in 1603, also she was the last monarch of the Turco's dinasty.
  • Relachion ships with Spain

    In 1583 relations with Spain were deteriorated, and a year later the first English settlers, settle down in the New World.
  • The end of the reign

    The end of the reign
    After neutralizing several of his attempts to seize the English throne, she orders the execution of María Estuardo. Philip II's attempted invasion of England ends with the Invincible Armada.