Isaac slade the fray

Isaac Slade Timeline

  • Birthday

    Isaac Slade was born on May 26, 1981in Boulder Colorado.
  • Forming the Fray

    Forming the Fray
    Issac slade and Joe king formed the Fray with two other guys (Mike Ayars and Zach Johnson), The Fray is a religous band, that grew up with strong religous ties (Christian Band).
  • First album

    First album
    On September 13, 2005 the Fray came out with their first album, How to Save a Life. This album later became a certified double platinum (The Fray's Isaac Slade). (MTV VH1)
  • married

    Isaac Slade married his girlfriend Anna in April of 2006.
  • Billboard Awards

    Billboard Awards
    The Fray one digital album of the year with "How to Save a Life," digital album artist of the year, and digital songs artist of the year.
  • Scars and Stories

    Scars and Stories
    On February 7, 2012 the Fray came out with snother album, Scars and Stories. This album was insprired by a near death expirience that Isaac Slade went through in May of 2009 (The Denver Post). After this album was released the "new" Fray started touring again (Relevant magazine).
  • Yamaha All Access

    Yamaha All Access
    Isaac Slade was featured in Yamaha all access. He gives his personal experience throughout the life of being a muscian (Yamaha All Access).