• May 19, 1100

    Viking Boats

    Viking Boats
    Viking used long boats aligned with their shield for protection
  • Period: May 19, 1100 to

    Ironclad History

  • Jan 1, 1500

    Turtle Boats

    Turtle Boats
    Turtle boats were used in the 1500 and they were thought to be the very first ironclads
  • Proposal of the Ironclad

    In 1813 Thomas Gregg of Pennsylvania had come up with the idea of iron boats and offered it, but he did not take any action to start building an ironclad
  • Building an Ironclad

    Edwin Stevens and his brother Robert of New York had taken up the idea of an iron boat and had made a contract with the United States of America's government to build an iron boat. The brothers had started to create a naval warship named the Stevens Battery
  • The Crimean Wars

    The Crimean Wars
    During the Crimean Wars the French and the English made the first ironclad warships and fought agaisnt each other.
  • Monitor vs. Merrimack

    The battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack showed the world that wooden ships stood no chance against ironclads.
  • Advancements of the Ironclads

    Advancements of the Ironclads
    Cruisers and Destroyers were inspired by ironclads
  • Present Day

    Today there are many naval units inspired by the ironclad like Destroyers, Air-Craft carriers, and Cruisers.