Iron and Steel

By Harry S
  • First attempt to smelt

    The first iron and steel smelting establishment was made near Mittagong,NSW. It was not economical and was closed by 1877.
  • Another attemmpt to smelt

    Another attampt to start smelting was in 1873 in Victoria. This created the Victorian Mining Company, which later became known as Lal Lal Iron Mining Co.
  • Blast Furnace

    A small blast furnace was made and operated into the 1880's. It was never an economic proposition, even after sending people to Britain to learn the technology it took 5 years to master the blast furnace.
  • Iron train wheels

    Around this time blast furnaces were producing iron locamotive wheels.
  • BHP

    In 1885 Broken Hill Proprietary (BHP) was established and Australia had its first major mining and steel production company.