Iron and Steel

  • First Establishment

    The first attempt to establshing iron and steel smelting was made in 1848 near mittagong, NSW.
  • Second attempt at a Smelting Plant

    Another attempt at a smelting plant was created in Victoria.
  • Lal Lal Iron Mining Co. Ltd

    With the formation of the smelting and Victorian Iron Company later became the Lal Lal Iron Mining Co. Ltd in 1974
  • Furnace Creation

    A small blast furnace was bulit in 1875 and opertaed into the 1880's but was never an economic propostion
  • Smelting Plant Closed

    Smelting plant in Mittagong is shut down because it wasnt economical.
  • Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limted (BHP)

    Australia was to have its first major minng and steel production company
  • Smelting Commenices

    Smelting coommences at Port Pirie, South Austarlia
  • Deporting Goods

    First export to lead to China by BHP
  • Leases Obtained at Iron Knob

    Leaeses are obtained over Iron Knob and Iron Baron iron ore deposits in SA