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Ireland timeline (PAC)

  • Great Irish Famine

    About 1 million Irish are killed in a potatoe famine.
  • Transportation strike

    Irish trasportation is generaly shut down do to a transportation strike.
  • Period: to

    The partioning

    Ireland engages in the "war of independance and partion." where Ireland was partioned to gain freedom of southern Ireland.
  • Anglo-Irish war begins

    Anglo-Irish war begins
    The Irish for years has been begging for a free government from Britan. The request was eventualy granted in 1912, but the Irish were still not free. british reamined in control though. Now the Irish have means to take arms against Britan.
    Now, the "War of Independance" begins.
  • Irish cabinate meats

    The all Irish cabinate of the Irish republic meats about the british struggle for control. The meating was to enure the only lawful army of this war was the Irish republic.
  • Limerick Soviet strike

    A general strike begins in Limerick protesting the "Special military zone."
  • First republican law courts

    The first rebublican courts are set up in Ballinrobe.
  • Sail off for United States

    Éamon de Valera sets off for the United states, hoping to gain support and money for the protests.
  • Home rule

    Hume-rule is set up in Dublin and Belfast, in hopes for unity.
  • IRA attacks 1st Cork Brigade

    The IRA attacks the "1st Cork Brigade,"
  • Anglo-Irish Treaty

    After much fighting, sometime in the year 1921, the Anglo-Irish treaty is signed, partioning part of Ireland to Britan in exchange for the freedom of the rest of Ireland.
  • Repuplic of Ireland Act

    An act is signed abolishing current British roles in independant Ireland.
  • Battle of the Bogside

    More of a "massachre" than a "Battle," the "Battle of the Bogside" was a riot for civil rights, ending with a shoot-out between one thousand police, and many rioters.
  • Bloody Friday

    During bloody firday, 22 bombs exploded in belfast. 9 were killed, more than 130 were injured. There were also sevral hoax warnings of other explosive devices causing extreme amounts of unneaded chaos.
  • Cease fire

    European soldiers on the edge of northern Ireland are recalled.
  • Prison Riots

    Prison riots begin demanding more sanitary conditions, and that prison suits be washed.
  • Queen Elizibeth II uncle murder

    Queen Elizibeth II's uncle is murdered in a boat bomb.
  • First female president

    Mary Robinson is elected first female president of ireland
  • Period: to

    IRA bombings

    Many bombs are dropped, some deadly, some quite the opposite...
  • Worst bomb fail in history

    A morter bomb is dropped on the building where an Irish cabinit is meating, however, it misses by 15 yards and fails at its purpouse, to cause harm. nobody was injured or killed, and there was almost no proprotey damage.
  • Bishops gate bomb

    A bomb is dropped, killing 1 and injuring 30, also causing an imense damage price of 1 billion dollors.
  • Shankhill bomb

    A bomb is dropped on a Belfast fish shop, killing 9, and one of the bombers.
  • Ban on death penalty

    Ammendments are passed, universaly banning the death penalty/
  • Financial Crisis

    A financial crisis destroys the "30th Dáil"