• First Generation

    First Generation
    The iPhone 2G or iPhone also known as the Classic, in addition to its multi-touch screen, had a single button start and a rear 2-megapixel camera, offered only in black. It was the first cell of this company with an operating system called iOS 1 allowed Internet browsing via WiFi. The mention of 2G in the name refers to the first iPhone only received the GSM network with EDGE technology.
  • Iphone 3G

    Iphone 3G
    The successor of 2G come with few changes but all relevant, as the fact of accepting, as its name implies, networks 3G creating a better experience Internet browsing, but had the same 3.5 "screen like the 2 megapixel camera. One of the radical changes in this version and would be accompanied with the updated iOS Operating System 2 was the first appearance of the App Store, an online store to download third party applications. He offered two options in storage capacity in 8 and 16 GB.
  • Iphone 3GS

    Iphone 3GS
    Apple presented at the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), this new device that kept the screen size at 3.5 "plus improved 3-megapixel camera that can record video was also in VGA quality. Officer under iOS 3 operating system.
  • Iphone 4

    Iphone 4
    In addition to being presented the 4th version of the iPhone, was addressed as one of the main features of the new Retina Display which gave a higher level of sharpness in the 3.5 "screen, the new design also draw attention by being flatter and protected in front of the screen scratches. Your operating system that was released was the iOS 4.
  • Iphone 4S

    Iphone 4S
    One of the most important new features in this version has to do with the voice assistant called Siri, which was integrated with the whole cell and conversationally could interact with the user. He worked under the operating system iOS 5. According to Tim Cook the letter "s" in reference has to do with the new voice recognition program Siri.
  • Iphone 5

    Iphone 5
    This new Smartphone would like novelty the size of your screen 4 ", a considerable improvement in their support network is now capable of receiving signal LTE (4G), plus a slimmer design of 7.6mm and an A6 processor, twice as fast as the previous version in the iPhone 4s. This device was well received and its characteristics were then replicated on the iPhone 5c. It operated under the iOS 6 operating system.
  • Iphone 5S

    Iphone 5S
    The launch of the renewed and elegant 5s was made, introducing a new range of colors consistent minimalism and sobriety of this family, colors like Dorado and Space Grey entered the catalog, but perhaps one of its most important features is that for the first time is included successfully the fingerprint recognition on a smartphone to unlock the screen 4 "and make payments to the app store App Store.
  • Iphone 5C

    Iphone 5C
    This model received a change not seen before in this family of smartphones, as was the explosion of color that received in its different variations, using vivid, electric colors, this being the only significant change that received this version as technical specifications they remained intact regarding the iPhone 5 and priced raising for its features that demystified the idea around that Apple would launch a low-cost cell to cover that portion of the market.
  • Iphone 6- 6 Plus

    Iphone 6- 6 Plus
    It is one of the most recent releases, where a response from the company to the thousands of comments from those who expected a version of the iPhone with a bigger and greater connectivity screen is interpreted also presented with a slimmer design and compact, an increase in storage capacity by offering only versions in 16 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB.
    The iPhone 6 Plus larger screen and better resolution with the new Retina HD and a storage capacity of 16 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB.
  • Personal Opinion

    Consider the cases during its evolution has had its advantages and disadvantages as well as technology will advance man becomes more dependent on it, even so, this kind of progress, sometimes, it facilitates do certain jobs who years ago took them more work and time. But as more and more technology they put these technological gadgets man sometimes does not know well use technology as it should and uses it to do evil.
  • Glossary

    Implies : Implica
    Sharpness: Nitidez
    Flatter: Halagar
    Novelty: Novedad
    Regarding : Respecto a
    Slimmer: A regimen