Significant Advancements In Phones

  • Original Smartphone

    The first smartphone that was ever made and released was called Simon. It came with email and a touchscreen. It was made by IBM and BellSouth.
  • FIrst Iphone

    Steve Jobs and Apple had made a smartphone the year Before with Nokia called the ROKR E. He was disappointed and wanted something different and came up with the iphone.
  • The Second Iphone the Iphone 3G

    The Iphone 3G was the second generation of iphone with more storage capacity and improvements.
  • Iphone 3GS

    The Iphone 3GS was the same body and the 3G but it had impovements on technology like a bump in the camera.
  • Sansung Galaxy S

    The obvious solution for sales was competition since Iphones used the IOS operating system the competition had to be different. So Samsung came out with their own touch screen smartphone. It wasnt as clear and defined as the current Iphone but it was a start. It used the Android operating system.
  • Iphone 4

    The Iphone 4 had a radical new design with flat faces and curved corners and the obvious improvements camera, storage and operating system.
  • Samsung Galaxy S2

    As it goes its a new year so a new phone comes out thats better than the last year and has to compete on the market.
  • Iphone 4S

    The Iphone 4S was the same body as the Iphone 4 but had dual antennas, siri, 8 mega-pixel camera, and 1080p recording capability.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note I

    The Samsung Galaxy Note I was new at the time an considered to be a "phablet" or a phone tablet. It was bigger than a phone but not as big as a tablet. The phone also came with a stylus.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3

    The Galaxy S3 utilizes a voice assistant to help you use your phone. It has eye-tracking ability. It has a stunning 4.8 inch touchscreen display. It also has 4G LTE capability.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    The Galaxy Note 2 had a quad-core processor and a larger screen at 5.5 inches. It also had a new and improved stylus that came with the phone.
  • Iphone 5

    The Iphone 5 came with yet a new design bigger case, more storage capacity, better camera, and a new connector called the lightning cable.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4

    The Galaxy S4 came with better eye-tracking technology and better finger detection from the screen. The Galaxy S4 was slightly smaller than the year before but also had a slightly bigger screen too sitting at 5 inches.
  • Iphone 5c

    Although the iphone 5c didnt have any impovements to the previous model it was the alternative or cheaper idea/version that you could buy. It had all the same internals as the iphone 5 but they have colorful backgrounds and cost less.
  • Iphone 5s

    Even thought the Iphone 5s was released the same day as the Iphone 5c it was not the same. It was the new year and new model that everyone wanted. It had slow-motion, time-lapse, dual flash and of course a better processor. But the feature that everyone really liked was the fingerprint scanner called touch Id that would let you unlock your phone with the touch of your finger.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    The Galaxy Note 3 was the new design of phablet with decreased weight and a leather backing. Also the stylus got a software upgrade with a new control wheel to help you use your stylus. It has a .33 inch thickness and 5.7 inch screen. The capablity to record in 4K resolution.
  • Samsung Galaxy S5

    The Galaxy S5 came with new colors and a textured back plate. The newest thing that was added that has not been incorporated in any other phone was a heartrate sensor. The Galaxy S5 also came with a bigger screen at 5.1 inches.
  • Iphone 6

    The Iphone 6 was the phone with the most hype and potential out of any Iphone release. With the new design, flash, camera, size and the capability it lived up to the expectations. Also it was the thinnest Iphone to date.
  • Iphone 6 Plus

    The Iphone 6 Plus was the phone that everyone was waiting for because of all the features it offered. It dazzled people with the stunning 5.4 inch display compared to that of the 4.7 inch of the Iphone 6. The 6 Plus had a bigger battery and usage length. But what delighted people was the quality and clarity of the display of such a big screen.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    The Galaxy Note 4 comes with an even better 5.7 inch screen with Gorilla Glass. It also has a new aluminum designed frame. It also has a new 16 megapixel camera with auto focus.