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History of Apple

By tabfaz
  • Apple was created

    Apple was created
    On the 1st of April, 1976, Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs started Apple Computer. This was the beginning of something much bigger than either of them thought. The first Apple product created was the "Apple I", built and created in Palo Alto, California (Rawlinson, 2017). Reference: [Accessed 7 Aug. 2018].
  • Apple II is created

    Apple II is created
    In 1976, Apple II is created. This was known as the first personal computer. It was in a plastic case with colour graphics. The Apple II was recognised as a highly successful, mass-produced microcomputer product. It was a tool marketed to be used at home, school or work. Reference:
    highly successful mass-produced microcomputer products,
  • Macintosh project

    Macintosh project
    In September 1980, Steve Jobs was forced out of the Lisa project. It was then that he joined the "Macintosh" project. The Macintosh is not has obvious similarities between "Lisa". The Lisa 2/10 was modified and sold as the Macintosh XL.
    The Macintosh personal computer is "hyped with a dark, stylized commercial."
  • Lisa Desktop is created

    Lisa Desktop is created
    In 1983, The "Lisa Desktop" was created. This was recognised as a desktop computer for businesses. It had a graphical user interface. This is the system most users of apple products are familiar with today. Reference:
  • Jobs leaves Apple

    Jobs leaves Apple
    In 1985, Jobs leaves apple after a power struggle. Job's lost a board room battle with a former CEO recruited from Pepsi two years earlier.
    Job's was rumoured to feel forced out of the company he helped start. Reference:
  • Powerbook 100 is introduced

    Powerbook 100 is introduced
    In 1991, the apple Powerbook 100 is introduced. The Powerbook 100 is the first laptop Apple released, and their second portable computer. Reference:
  • The Newton Message pad debuts

    The Newton Message pad debuts
    In 1993, the "Newton Message Pad" was introduced, the first series of what was recognised as "personal digital assistance".
    Although the Newton Message pad proved to be a "financial dissapointment for the company, it was also Apple's first touchscreen device. This device paved the way for "future innovations" in mobile technology- eventually leading to the Iphone and Ipad! References:
  • Job's back for Apple

    Job's back for Apple
    In 1997, Job's is given the title of Apple’s "interim CEO". This was after the company losses more than $1.8 billion. References:
  • Macintosh G3 Computers

    Macintosh G3 Computers
    In 1997, Job's introduced the "Macintosh G3" computers. These were the first models of the "iMac" line of personal computers. The iMac G3 is an "all-in-one, luggable personal computer, encompassing both the monitor and the CPU in a single enclosure". These computers were released in the colour blue, and later down the track available in a range of bright colours. It also came with a keyboard and mouse. References:
  • Imac desktop computer

    Imac desktop computer
    In 1998, the Imac desktop computer was first introduced. With many different features, the "Imac" came with a Processor, memory, graphics, and storage. This popular design was a complete computer setup, coming with features such as keyboard, mouse etc. This product was both very popular and successful. References:
  • Ipod is introduced

    Ipod is introduced
    In 2001, Apple introduces introduces the iPod; a hard-drive-based, digital music player. The iPod can store music on an internal hard drive, with the power to store up to 1,000 CD-quality songs on a 5 GB hard drive. With many features, the ipod can play up to 10 hours of continuous music, as well as be powered by a "rechargeable polymer battery. This was a very successful apple product and still sells today. References:
  • Opening of Itunes store

    Opening of Itunes store
    In 2003, the opening of the Itunes store allowing the public to buy and/ or download music, audiobooks, movies and TV shows online.This was a huge step for the Apple company, as it started to completely revolutionize the music-recording industry. References:
  • Ipod shuffle + nano introduced

    Ipod shuffle + nano introduced
    In 2005, Apple adds news features to the Ipod, upgrading the original version. Adding video, Apple introduces the "Ipod shuffle" and the "Ipod nano." References:
  • Iphone is released

    Iphone is released
    In 2007, Apple announces the iPhone. This device has features including; one button on its face, a virtual keyboard, touch sensor screen, earphone plug. Additional to this, it also introduces Apple TV. References:
  • Ipod touch introduced

    Ipod touch introduced
    In 2007, the "Ipod touch" is introduced. This apple device has wireless capabilities, performing similarly like a portable computer. Similar to the iphone, It offered the same design; large touchscreen, Wi-Fi Internet and iPod features.
    These features included both music and video playback and wireless music purchases. References:
  • Iphone 3G introduced

    Iphone 3G introduced
    In 2009 Apple released the "iPhone 3GS."
    At this point, the company had sold more than 220 million iPods so far. The IPhone 3G was twice as fast as the original iphone, and also half the price. This particular Iphone supported the "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync", and was available in more than 70 countries when first released. References:
  • Ipad was released

    Ipad was released
    In April 2010, Apple begins selling the iPad. This device was a 10-inch touchscreen tablet. It had an 84 percent share of the tablet market by year’s end. It is estimated that 12.9 million iPads were shipped as of December 10. References:
  • Iphone 4 released

    Iphone 4 released
    The Iphone 4 was released in 2010, the first apple product that included its sharp "Retina Display". This model also included facetime. The Apple device included a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and HD video recording just to name a few. References:
  • Ipad 2

    Ipad 2
    In 2011, Apple releases the "Ipad 2"; an Apple device which combines the computing power of a laptop or desktop computer with the portability of a smartphone.
    The iPad 2 can use the internet, the Apple’s web browser,it can receive and send email messages, as well as share photos and videos. Additional to this, it also introduced Facetime. References:
  • Iphone 4s

    Iphone 4s
    In 2011, the Iphone 4s was introduced. This Apple device comes in 16, 32 or 64GB of storage.
    The new device looks similar to the iPhone 4, however contains considerable upgrades.This Apple device offers 8-megapixels, has improved wireless performance and faster datat uplaod and download times! References:
  • Iphone 5

    Iphone 5
    In 2012, the "Iphone 5" was released.
    This new Apple device was recognised as the thinnest and lightest iPhone, with features of new Aluminium Design, 4-Inch Retina Display and Ultrafast Wireless. References:
  • Iphone 5s and Iphone 5c

    Iphone 5s and Iphone 5c
    The release of the Iphone 5s in 2013 brought one of the biggest new trends in for Apple... Touch ID. This was where your thumbprint enabled you to unlock your phone. Although keeping a similar design to previous Iphone launches, the Iphone5s and Iphone 5c offered a new and unique design, with pastel colour iphones on offer. It also offered an incredible new security system, which increased consumer demand for the product and saw sales roaring. References:
  • Iphone 6 & Iphone 6+

    Iphone 6 & Iphone 6+
    The release of the Iphone 6 and Iphone 6+ oferred a higher, improved camera quality, as well as an enlarged screen and touch sensored ID sign in. Coming in Four unique colours, the colour design of the phone became very popular. However, this Apple device was popular among many, although some found the Iphone plus to be too big and inconvenient. References:
  • Iphone 6s and IPhone 6splus

    Iphone 6s and IPhone 6splus
    These devices were introduced in 2015, coming with 3D touch. the enabled new ways to access certain features and interact with content. This new released Apple device is made from the strongest glass. References:
  • Iphone SE launch

    Iphone SE launch
    The Iphone SE was introduced in 2016, with consumers "preferred smaller screens". This new Apple device was said to have faster speeds, longer battery life, quicker wireless, a "12-megapixel camera", and touch ID. References:
  • Iphone 7 & Iphone 7plus

    Iphone 7 & Iphone 7plus
    The Iphone 7 and Iphone 7plus offered new storage capacities, as well as new colour options and an imporved battery life. References:

    The Iphone X is where the next era of Iphones begin.
    This Apple device RESISITS water and dust, has the most high quality camera, with dual cameras with dual optical image. Additional to this, this most recent apple product has Face ID, which lets you unlock and use your device with just a glance. These are just a few of the endless new features the Apple Iphone X device has to offer. References:
  • Iphone 8 & Iphone 8+ released

    Iphone 8  & Iphone 8+ released
    The "Iphone 8" and "Iphone 8 +" Design was an all glass design, with, Retina HD Display, an improved camera and video quality, A11 Bionic chip, Wireless charging and Ios 11. This was an enormous step for Iphones. References: