Apple iPhone Timeline

  • iPhone 1

    iPhone 1
    Introduced on June 29, 2007. The handheld touchscreen phone combines itunes, the internet and a phone. The product cost about 500 $ and ended up being sold to over one million customers worldworld. The Slogan was Apple reinvents the phone.
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  • iPhone 2

    iPhone 2
    Introduced on July 11, 2008. The phone is faster, a little larger, and GPS enabled. The cost is 250$ and sold over million units.

    The Slogan was Twice as fast, for half the price.
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  • iPhone 3GS

    iPhone 3GS
    Introduced on June 7, 2009. The phone was faster than the processor and included video recording, voice recording and a digital compass. The product cost the same and sold over a million units. The slogan was Fastest, smartest phone yet.
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  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4
    Introduced on June 7, 2010. The phone had a new square design, a front face camera and a retina display. The product cost 200$ and sold over a million worldwide. The Slogan was this changes everything. Again
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  • iPhone 4S

    iPhone 4S
    Introduced on October 11, 2011. The Phone added Sirl, faster speeds and a better camera. The product cost the same as the previous and sold over a million users. The slogan was the most amazing iPhone yet.
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  • iPhone 5

    iPhone 5
    Introduced on September 21, 2012. The new phone has thinner, lighter and taller screen and a new charging cable. The product cost the same and sold over a million users. The slogan was The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone
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  • iPhone 5S

    iPhone 5S
    Introduced on September 21, 2013. This phone was much like the predecessor but included a touch sensor, a better camera and earphones. The product sold for the same price and included, gray, white, gold and black. Sold over a million units They also sold the 5C that was cheaper and had more colors. The Slogan:You're more powerful than you think.
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  • iPhone 6

    iPhone 6
    Introduced on Sep 9 2014. This phone had an advanced processor, camera and had a bigger screen ratio. The product sold at the same price and sold two phones at the same time. They ended up selling more than a million units. The Slogan was the two and only.
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  • iPhone 6S

    iPhone 6S
    Introduced on Sep 9, 2015. The phone was more advanced with a better chip, camera and Touch ID. Included ID touch to press down and get a list of options. The Product cost the same and was sold to more than a million users. The slogan was One powerful phone.
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  • iPhone 7

    iPhone 7
    Introduced on September 16, 2016. The phone had a better camera, chip and did not have a headphone jack. The plus addition had an extra camera with portrait mode. The product introduced the red color and was dust and water proof. The price went up to 650 dollars and sold to more than a million customers. The Slogan was this is 7.
  • iPhone 8

    iPhone 8
    Introduced on Sep 22, 2017. Some improvements were added such as wireless charging capability, better performance and camera. The price was set at six hundred dollars, and sold over a million products.
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  • iPhone X

    iPhone X
    Introduced on Sep 12, 2017. This phone had no home button, had a face ID and nearly bezel less. The price was set at 1000 dolors and was sold to more than a million users. The Slogan was Say hello to the future.
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  • iPhone XS

    iPhone XS
    Introduced on Sep 18, 2018. The phone was bigger and had more updates such as a new chip, a better display and stereo speakers. The slogan was welcome to the big screens.
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  • IPhone XR

    IPhone XR
    On Sep 18, 2018. The XR was also released with a larger display, a liquid retina display and was cheaper at 700 dollars. There were different colors such as Coral, yellow and blue, The slogan include: Make room for color.
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  • iPhone 11

    iPhone 11
    Introduced on Sep 10, 2019. The popular phone included a new chip, and a better ultra wide camera. The phone also came in purple, yellow and green. The product cost 700 $ and the slogan is just the right amount of everything.
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  • iPhone 12

    iPhone 12
    Introduced on October 23 , 2020. The phone, which include 5G, are more square and have a better cameras, video quality, better chips and larger displays.. The Phone cost 1000$ and have sold millions worldwide. The Slogan is blast past fast
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  • iPhone 13

    iPhone 13
    Introduced on September 14, 2021. The phones have better cameras, battery life and chip. There are less expensive options are iPhone 13 and 13 mini with smaller screens and are less advanced. The higher end both cost around 1000 $ and have sold over a million phones. The colors include pink and starlight. The Slogan: Your new superpower.
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