Apple IPhone History

  • New technology??!!

    Steve Jobs does a keynote presentation on a new tyype of technology that would change the world of technology forever. Jobs would reinvent the phone to make it just like an IPod, a phone, and an internet communicator. The IPhone.
  • Period: to

    Inventing the IPhone

    Apple is inventing the IPhone. IPhone would have an IPod app for music and videos, a phone app to make phone calls, a 2 megapixle camera, a built-in speaker and microphone, a place to plug in headphones, and so much more.
  • The first IPhone is released!!!

    The first IPhone is released!!!
    The first IPhone (AKA IPhone 2G) is reaalsed to the public for $399. 4 million IPhones were sold.
  • Another IPhone???

    Another IPhone???
    Apple is planning on making another IPhone. This IPhone would be cheaper but faster than the IPhone 2G.
  • Period: to

    Invention of IPhone 3G

    Apple is inventing the IPhone 3G. This IPhone would be faster and a lot cheaper than the IPhone 2G.
  • The IPhone 3G is released!!!

    The IPhone 3G is released!!!
    The IPhone 3G is realeased to the public for $99, but the IPhone 3G had the more buyers than the IPhone 2G. 20 million people purchased the IPhone 3G.
  • New IPhone announcement

    Since Steve Jobs couldn't attend the presentation, a group of Apple executives and Phil Schiller did the presentation without him. Schiller said it would be three times faster and more powerful than the IPhone 3G.
  • Jobs didn't attend Keynote presentation

    Jobs didn't attend Keynote presentation
    Steve Jobs usually does a Keynote presentation for upcoming Ipohone, but this time it was different. JObs didnt attend the presentation because he was away on a medical leave.
  • Period: to

    IPhone 3GS is being invented

    The IPhone is being created by Apple. This IPhone would be very different because there will be a autofocus camera, video recording and the freedom of voice control.
  • IPhone 3GS is released!!!

    The IPhone 3GS is released to the public!!! this IPhone sold way more phones than the previous IPhones.
  • IPhone 3GS or IPad???

    Since the latest IPhone has been released, the IPhone 3GS is more popular than the IPad.
  • Jobs is back.

    Jobs comes back to Apple after his medical leave. Jobs will continue the generation of the IPhones and the other Apple products.
  • The IPhone that changed everything

    Jobs does a presentation on the IPhone that will change everything, especially the world of technology. The IPhone 4 would be very different becuase it had over 100 new features. It had an all-new design, an all-new camera, and an all new screen resolution with Facetime calling.
  • Period: to

    The everchanging phone invention time

    The IPhone 4 is being invented by Apple. The everchanging phone is about to change everything, especially for Apple and their customers.
  • The everchanging phone is released to the public!

    The IPhone 4 is finally released to the public. People from other countriess are buying the IPhones because they are starting to become really popular.
  • The most amazing IPhone

    Steve Jobs is on a medical leave again, so Phil Schiller and one executive took the stage and talked about the new IPhone and its newest features like Siri.
  • Period: to

    IPhone 4S

    The IPhone 4S is being invented. This phone is amazing because it is just like a Samsung phone but better.
  • Steve Jobs dies???

    Steve Jobs died from a pancreatic cancer and respiratory arrest. He was mised dearly by everyone, so the people involved in the presentation had been able to get through it all was a testament to their professionalism and resolve for him.
  • The IPhone 4S is released!

    The IPhone 4s is released for $399. Usually, it took a year to release an Iphone, but this changed everything. It was a painful, combative, heartbreaking year for Apple because of Steve Jobs death, but they endured. And more than that, they had a huge plan...
  • Steve Jobs Memorial

    Steve Jobs death touched everyone from his family and friends to his company to his customers. Jobs was missed by everyone.
  • The BIGGEST thing to happen to Apple

    Something big is about to happen to the IPhones. Something as big as LTE, but better. The IPhone 5 announcement that was done by an Apple executive. The phone would have a bigger screen and it would be a lot skinner than all of the other IPhones.
  • Period: to

    IPhone 5

    IPhone 5 is being invented. it wouls be very different from the other IPhones because of the screen size, but it would be a lot better.
  • The IPhone 5 is released!

    The BIGGEST change in IPhone history is released!
  • The colorful phone???

    Tim Cook, Apple executive, takes the stage and tells everyone that the business had grown so large, Apple was going to replace with something new, fun, and colorful. The IPhone 5C
  • The most forward thinking IPhone ever

    Themost foward thinking IPhone ever.... IPhone 5S. This IPhone will have a new feature called Touch ID, a simple and secure way to unlock your phone with just a touch of your finger. it will come in two colors which are silver and gold, not black and white.
  • Period: to

    IPhone 5C

    The "colorful" phone is being invented. It would come in different colors like pink, blue, purple, orange, yellow, green, etc.
  • Period: to

    IPhone 5S

    The most foward thinking IPhone is being invented.
  • The IPhone 5C is released to the public!

    The colorful phone is released. Its really different because of the different colors, but thats what makes it unique.
  • IPhone 6

    The IPhone 6 keynote presentation was distributed to the public.
  • Period: to

    IPhone 6 invention

    The IPhone 6 is being invented. It would be bigger, but smaller and have better camera pixels than the other IPhones.
  • IPhone 6 is released!

    The IPhone 6 is released to the public. This IPhone was actually in stores about two weeks ago and its already a huge hit already.
  • More IPhones??

    Yes. There will be more IPhones in the future. There next IPhone would be the IPhone Plus. The IPhone generatiion will go on forever and ever. Thanks Steve Jobs for making an amazing product. Jobs changed the world of technology and reinvented the phones forever. Jobs changed history and it would never change.