tech timeline

  • 1450


    the first ever printing press was invented
  • telescope

    when they started discovering the stars
  • car engine

    internal combustion engine was created
  • tractor

    the first form of technology was invented
  • stem engine

    thomas newcomen built the first steam engine
  • sextent (compass)

    the first compass used at sea
  • alarm clock

    first alarm clock
  • batteries

    the first ever battery made
  • telegraph

    Created by Samuel F.B. Morse
  • fax machine

    first printer connected to a phone
  • elevators

    can take you to different levels
  • telephone

    Alexander Bell made the first telephone
  • electric light

    The first one burned for 13 1/2 hours
  • dishwasher

    first automatic dishwasher
  • automobile

    Karl Benz created the first car
  • Radio

    Gugliemo Marcomi has been experimenting with the radio since 1894
  • airplane

    Orville Wright made the first fight
  • treadmill

    the first treadmill came out in 1913
  • Rocketry

    The rocket flew 12.5 meters in the air
  • television

    A 16 year old boy created the tv with help
  • computer

    the creator went to iowa state
  • Nuclear power

    The first chain reaction was underneath the Chicago football field
  • Transistor

    An electrical component that could control, amplify, and generate current.
  • Spaceflight

    A small metal sphere that works as a satellite
  • mobile phone

    A phone that doesn't need to be hooked up to the wall
  • personal computer

    a computer that didn't need to be hooked up to the wall
  • internet

    Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn produced the internet
  • Macintosh portable

    went on the space shuttle
  • worlds first digital tv

    was made by Samsung
  • 46 in. TV

    this tv was 46 in.
  • wii

    the first wii came out in 2006
  • iphone

    the first phone made by apple
  • macbook pro

    15 in. screen
  • worlds first dual color tv

    has better color
  • iphone 3g

    second model of the iphone
  • macbook pro

    came out in the mid 2009
  • worlds first slim tv

    thinner than other tvs
  • iphone 3gs

    the 3rd model of the iphone
  • ipad

    first ever ipad
  • macbook pro

    came out in the mid 2010
  • worlds first tv with a app store

    this tv now has an app store
  • worlds first FHD 3D TV

    has a better viewing experience
  • Samsung galaxy s

    had a rear camera
  • iphone 4

    first phone with face time
  • ipad 2

    second model of the ipad
  • iphone 4s

    now has imessages
  • macbook pro

    came out in the late 2011

    helps cure diseases
  • ipad 3

    third model of the ipad
  • ipad mini

    first smaller version of the ipad
  • ipad 4

    has more storage
  • macbook pro

    came out in the mid 2012
  • iphone 5

    Now has apple maps
  • iphone 5c & 5s

    now has touch id
  • ipad air

    released with the ios 7
  • ipad mini 2

    second mini ipad
  • Macbook pro

    came out in the late 2013
  • worlds first curved tv

    has a curve
  • play station 4

    not the first play station
  • Samsung galaxy s4

    4th model
  • iphone 6 and 6+

    now has apple pay
  • ipad mini 3

    3rd mini ipad
  • ipad air 2

    can out with the ios 8
  • macbook pro

    came out in the mid 2014
  • worlds first bendable tv

    can bend
  • largest curved tv

    a bigger curved tv
  • Alexa

    also launched with amazon echo
  • echo

    originally was only available for amazon prime members
  • Samsung galaxy s5

    slightly bigger screen
  • iphone 6s and 6s+

    now has low power mode
  • apple watch

    first apple watch released
  • ipad mini 4

    4th mini ipad
  • ipad pro

    first ipad pro
  • macbook pro

    15 in. screen
  • iphone 7 & 7+

    this one has a better camera
  • apple watch series 2

    can connect to the iphone 7
  • ipad pro

    this ipad pro is a different size
  • macbook pro

    15 in. screen
  • cadmium free SUHD TV

    worlds only one
  • artificial intelligence

    created by the alpha go which is a simple team that can play many postilions on the computer
  • iphone 8 and 8+

    last iphone with a home button
  • apple watch series 3

    connects to the iphone x
  • ipad 5th generation

    came out with the ios 10
  • 2nd ipad pro

    different size than the other ipad pro
  • macbook pro

    colors are silver and space grey
  • Samsung galaxy s8

    has infinity display
  • Nintendo switch

    came out on march 3rd
  • iphone x and xmax

    now has a full screen
  • apple watch series 4

    can call 911
  • ipad 6th generation

    came out with the ios 11
  • Macbook pro

    15 in. screen
  • iphone 11

    now has the best camera
  • apple watch series 5

    the newest apple watch
  • ipad pro 3rd generation

    came out with the ios 12
  • ipad air 3rd generation

    came out with the ios 12.2
  • ipad air 3rd generation

    similar to the iPad air 2
  • ipad mini 5th generation

    came out with the ios 12.2
  • ipad 7th generation

    a tablet computer
  • Macbook pro

    16 in. screen
  • ipad pro 4th

    same screen size as previous generation