The Age of The Apple Iphone

  • First Iphone is released

    First Iphone is released
  • Period: to

    past to present

  • millionth Iphone is sold

  • TIME declares the Iphone as the best innovation of the year

  • The iphone 3G is released onto the market

    the new iphone is released to the public
  • The Apple App store is launched

  • Iphone wins first JD power and associates awards

    apple wins a JD power and associates award.
  • ios 3

    the ios 3 update opens up for download
  • 1 billion apps downloaded

    the one millionth app is downloaded on the app store
  • the 3gs

    A new version of the apple iphone is developed and put on the market
  • TIME magazine cover picture

    The iphone wins a spot on TIME magazines cover
  • 2 billion apss downloaded

    the 2 billionth app is downloaded on the app store for iphone
  • 100,000 apps for sale

    the 100,000 app for the apple app store is created
  • 3 billion apps downloaded

    3 billion apps downloaded on the app store
  • 185,000 apps on app store

    185 apps created and put on the app store
  • 85 million ios users

    there is an estimated 85 million ios and iphone users
  • number 4

    the apple iphone 4 is created an released
  • ipnone 4 sales top 1.7 million

    over 1.7 million iphone 4s are sold
  • Times top 100 greatest gadgets list

    the apple iphone finds its way on the TIMES top 100 gadget list
  • avaible on verizon

    Iphones finally become eligable on verizion
  • 15 billion apss downloaded

    over 15 billion apps officially downloaded on the app store
  • First iphone goes into space

    first iphone goes into space
  • The 4s ios 5 and siri is announced

    the iphone 4s and ios 5 is announced by apple along with sirir, a personal assistant built into the iphone 4s. to use siri you simply talk to the phone and she will respond back in voic.
  • iphone 4s pre orders top 1 million in one day

    the iphone 4s pre sales top 1 million in 24 hours
  • 4s arrives in China

    the iphone 4s is released in china
  • 25 billion apps downloaded

    over 25 billion apps downloaded on the apple app store
  • 35 million

    with the new iphone 4s app store downloads top 35 billion
  • 40 billion apps

    apple app store downloads top 40 billion
  • 25 billionth song

    officially 15 billion songs downloaded on itunes
  • now on every US phone carrier

    the apple iphone becomes elligable on every smart phone carrier
  • ios 7

    ios 7 released for iphone
  • the 5s and 5c

    the new iphone 5s and 5c models are announced by apple
  • 9 million

  • ios 8 beta

    ios beta is released for iphones for beta testing
  • the 6 and 6 plus and apple watch

    the brand new 6 and 6 plus iphones are released along with apples newest gadget the iwatch.
  • 4 million presale in 24 hr

    the iphne 6 and 6 plus pre orders sky rocket to over 4 million in 24 hours
  • on sale

    the new iphone 6 and 6 plus models afficially go onto the market
  • first week

    10 million iphones 6 and 6 plus sold in the first week on the market