Cell Phone

  • Beginning of Cell phones

    Beginning of Cell phones
    The first mobile-radio-telephone service is established in St. Louis, Miss. The system is made of six channels. The project is approved by the FCC, but due to massive interference, the equipment barely works.
  • Cells for Mobile Phones

    Cells for Mobile Phones
    The introduction of cells for mobile phone base stations, invented in 1947 by Bell Labs engineers at AT&T, was further developed by Bell Labs during the 1960s.
  • First call on Handheld Mobile phone

    Motorola is widely considered to be the inventor of the first practical mobile phone for handheld use in a non-vehicle setting. Using a modem, if somewhat heavy portable handset, Motorola manager Martin Cooper made the first call on a handheld mobile phone on April 3, 1973
  • Nokia's First Mobile Phone

    Nokia's First Mobile Phone
    Nokia Mobira Senator phone. Introduced in 1982, the Nokia Mobira Senator was designed for use in cars. After all, you wouldn't want to use this phone while walking: It weighed about 21 pounds.
  • Bell Labs invent "Call Handoff"

    Bell Labs invented such a "call handoff" feature, which allowed mobile-phone users to travel through several cells during the same conversation.
  • Introduction of 2G Technology

    he first digital cellular phone call was made in the United States in 1990, 2G phone systems were characterized by digital circuit switched transmission and the introduction of advanced and fast phone to network signaling.
  • First Digitial Cell Phone Call

    The first digital cellular phone call was made in the United States in 1990.
  • Introduction of Text Messaging

    Introduction of Text Messaging
    Text messaging,began in the late 1980’s by a group of Europeans who were trying to improve systems for the Global System for Mobile communications, but was used by a civilian in 1993 by an engineering student totally by accident.
  • First PDA cell phone

    Handspring made waves with the Treo 180. More PDA than phone, the Treo 180 came in two versions: one with a QWERTY keyboard for typing and another (the Treo 180g) that used Graffiti text input instead. It had 16MB of memory.
  • Current I phone take over

    the iPhone idea was presented by Steve Jobs, and from then on the world in technology has been changed since.
  • IPhone 3 Released

    IPhone 3 Released
    Apple released the iPhone 3G in upwards of eighty countries and territories. Apple announced the iPhone 3GS on June 8, 2009, along with plans to release it later in June, July, and August, starting with the US, Canada and major European countries on June 19.
  • Apple releases IPhone 4

    Apple releases IPhone 4
    Jump to Release - The initial release date of June 24, 2010 applies only to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan. SIM-free iPhone 4s are only available directly from Apple in United States, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom as of the device's initial release.
  • Apple releases IPhone 4s

    Apple releases IPhone 4s
    The iPhone 4S was first shipped with iOS 5, which was released on October 12, 2011,
  • Apple releases the IPhone 5

    Apple releases the IPhone 5
    The iPhone 5 is a touchscreen smartphone developed by Apple Inc. It is the sixth generation of the iPhone, succeeding the iPhone 4S and preceding the iPhone 5S
  • Apple Releases IPhone 5 C

    Apple Releases IPhone 5 C
    iPhone 5C is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by Apple Inc. It is one of two successors to the iPhone 5 and one of two predecessors to the iPhone 6, along with its higher-end counterpart, the iPhone 5S.
  • Apple Releases IPhone 5s

    Apple Releases IPhone 5s
    The iPhone 5S is a smartphone developed by Apple Inc. It is part of the iPhone line, and was released on September 20, 2013.
  • The Newest and most up to date IPhone 6 and 6+

    The Newest and most up to date IPhone 6 and 6+
    The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are smartphones running iOS developed by Apple Inc. The devices are part of the iPhone series and were released on September 19, 2014. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus jointly serve as successors to the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.