History Of The Iphones That We Know

  • Inventor Of The Iphone

    Inventor Of The Iphone
    It was Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs who directed Apple's engineers to develop a touch screen, mobile phone. Jobs at first was considering an Apple tablet computer, that desire eventually manifested in the iPad, and Apple had already produced a palm device with a touch screen, the Newton Message-Pad.
  • The First Iphone Every Made

    The First Iphone Every Made
    the keypad for a touchscreen and adding advanced computer-like capabilities that hadn't been seen before, it set the standard for this modern device. The original iPhone had no third-party apps, no GPS and no video recording.
  • The Second Iphone Every Created

    The Second Iphone Every Created
    The Apple iPhone 3-G is powered by 412 MHz it comes with 128-mb of RAM. The phone packs 8-gb of internal storage cannot be expanded. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Apple iPhone 3-G packs a 2-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 0-megapixel front shooter for selfies.
  • The Third Every Iphone

    The Third Every Iphone
    the Apple tradition of adding an 'S' to the end of the name for a minor iPhone upgrade. The 2009 model of the iPhone did bring with it video recording capabilities for the first time, and the camera itself got an upgrade too. The "S" ostensibly stood for speed and reflected the improvements in the internal components, and Voice Control (not yet called Siri) was added to the iPhone too.
  • The Fifth Iphone Every Created

    The Fifth Iphone Every Created
    the iPhone 4 was a big one - it had a new, sleeker, more modern look, and massively increased the pixel count while keeping the same 3.5-inch display size (this was the first Retina display). It was the first iPhone with a front-facing camera, the first iPhone with some level of multitasking, and one of the most significant iPhones Apple has ever made.
  • The Sixth Iphone Every Created

    The Sixth Iphone Every Created
    Apple swung back to the minor "S" upgrade for 2011's iPhone 4S, so there's not too much to write home about in terms of new specs and new features. The camera did get an upgrade up to 8 megapixels and perhaps the biggest improvement on the software side (we're up to iOS 5.0 now) was the arrival of Siri, the digital assistant that now plays such a major role on the iPhone.
  • The Seventh Iphone Created

    The Seventh Iphone Created
    True to the earlier pattern set down by previous generations, the iPhone 5 was a major upgrade. It added an extra row of icons with an extra-tall screen (remember that?), introduced the Lightning connector and had a lighter, aluminium casing. It really did usher in the modern iPhone era. On the iOS side, we got our first look at a rather buggy Apple Maps, taking over from Google Maps as the default option.
  • The Ninth Iphone Every Created

    The Ninth Iphone Every Created
    The iPhone 5S was the flagship model for 2013, with a revamped design and a little feature called Touch ID introduced to the iPhone line-up for the first time. Another first was the 64-bit A7 processor inside the phone, an architecture change that other manufacturers have since followed
  • The Eighth Iphone Every Created

    The Eighth Iphone Every Created
    . The iPhone 5C was very much a rebadged iPhone 5 with a few cosmetic changes, giving iPhone buyers an option that was cheaper but still brand new for the first time. iOS 7 was launched at the same time, bringing true multitasking for apps and introducing the Control Centre for more convenient access to the iPhone's settings.
  • The Tenth Iphone Every Created

    The Tenth Iphone Every Created
    As well as another design revamp, the iPhone 6 extended the display size to 4.7 inches and added in more pixels to boot. Also worth noting is the introduction of NFC for Apple Pay and other services, plus a significant upgrade for the camera, giving better photo and video results than ever before.
  • The Eleventh Iphone Every Created

    The Eleventh Iphone Every Created
    With a display of 5.5 inches from corner to corner, it's the biggest iPhone ever and gets close to iPad mini territory. The handset has certainly come a long way since 2007.
  • The Twelveth Iphone Every Created

    The Twelveth Iphone Every Created
    a little extra thickness and weight to give you the clue that you’re holding a next-gem phone in your hand. But while the outside is identical, the stuff that Cook’s Crew crammed inside is a change - hence Apple’s decision to give this phone the tagline: ‘The Only Thing That’s Changed Is Everything’.
  • The Thirteenth Iphone Every Created

    The Thirteenth Iphone Every Created
    Compared with its bigger screened bretheren it represented genuine value for money - although not compared to the huge number of Android alternatives of course.