History of Technology

  • 904

    Gun Powder

    Gun powder was first used in 904 AD in China.
  • 1450


    The first ever printing press was invented. A printing press is a shirt press as we know today but was used for paper back then.
  • Toilet

    The first ever flushing toilet was invented.
  • Telescope

    Galileo Galilei builds a partial telescope and starts to discover the stars.
  • Car engines

    The internal combustion engine was created.
  • Tractor

    English farmer Jethro Tull begins to use the first form of technology for farming. The horse-drawn seed drill.
  • Steam Engines

    Thomas Newcomen builds the first stationary steam engine.
  • Sextant (compass)

    The first compass was invented for sea. It enables sailors to measure altitude.
  • Submarine

    The first submarine submerges into the water.
  • Cotton gin

    The first machine built to make cotton balls.
  • Batteries

    The first ever battery was created by Alessendro Volta.
  • Coffee pot

    People no longer have to chew the brewed coffee beans.
  • Sewing machine

    The first machine to not be hand weld was created with a pedal.
  • Power tools

    Electric tools were made instead of hand held tools.
  • Telegraph

    The telegraph was created by Samuel F.B. Morse.
  • Fax Machine

    The first ever printer connected to a phone.
  • Windmill

    The first wind power windmill was used.
  • Burglar alarms

    The first electric burglar alarms were made.
  • Oil well

    The first oil hole was 69.5 feet deep.
  • Repeating rifle

    A new lever action is used in a rifle.
  • Elevators

    Technology that takes you form one level to the next.
  • Subway

    Boss Tweed tried to keep his invention hidden but Alfred Beach liked the idea to much.
  • Typewritter

    The British first invented the typewriter.
  • Dental drill

    The first dental drill was created in Massachusetts.
  • Telephone

    Alexander Bell invented the first telephone. The telephone was used by a pin pattern.
  • Electric Light

    Thomas Eddison was the created. It burns for 13 1/2 hours.
  • Hearing aid

    R.G. Rhodes created the hearing aid. It was a small cardboard piece that helped people hear.
  • Electric fan

    The world became a better place once this was created.
  • Dishwasher

    First automatic dishwasher was used.
  • Automobile

    Karl Benz was the first person to run a car.
  • Escalator

    Escalators were the new stair at this point in time.
  • Radio

    Guglielmo Marconi has been experimenting with the radio since 1894.
  • Vacuum cleaner

    The first ever electric vacuum cleaner was invented.
  • Jet engines

    Two brothers built the first jet engine.
  • Airplane

    Orville Wright made his first flight of 120 feet near Kitty Hawk.
  • Chainsaw

    The first electric chainsaw was used.
  • Air conditioners

    Willie Carrier invents AC.
  • Clothes washer

    The first spinning model of a clothes machine.
  • Headphones

    Wire headphones were invented.
  • Rocketry

    The rocket flew 12.5 meters in the air near Massachusetts.
  • Television

    A 16 year old boy created the first TV with help.
  • Television

    The first color television was created.
  • Digital pens

    The first ball point pen was created.
  • Computer

    The creator went to ISU.
  • Helicopter

    This incorporation was the first to have enough room for a human and a single main rotor.
  • Nuclear Power

    The first chain reaction was underneath the University of Chicago football field
  • Transistor

    The transistor was created to have a much smaller and used less power than what they used in the past.
  • Microwave ovens

    Percy Spencer figured out how to use a microwave and turned it into an oven.
  • Nuclear power plants

    First commercial power plant was used in England.
  • Satellites

    The first ever space satellite was sent out into space.
  • Spaceflight

    The first artificial satellite that was released into spaced weighed 184 pounds
  • Computer mouse

    The first wire mouse was created and connected to the computer.
  • CD players

    The first compact disc was created.
  • Wireless headphones

    The first wireless headphone was invented.
  • Solar cells energy

    Worlds first solar power station opened in France.
  • Personal computer

    This computer was finally small enough to fit into someones home.
  • Internet

    The internet was created by slowing down packets to see how data was transmitted.
  • Smart homes

    The first home automation system was created.
  • Lasers

    Laser eye surgery for removing cataracts was used.
  • Wireless internet

    WIFI could now be connected to wireless and is used world wide.
  • Tesla

    The first electric car for tesla was created.
  • iPhone

    First ever made phone by apple.
  • iPhone 3G

    2nd model of the iPhone
  • iPhone 3GS

    Upgrade from the last iPhone 3GS
  • iPad

    First iPad made.
  • iPhone 4

    No has facetime
  • iPad 2

    Second model of the new iPad.
  • iPhone 4s

    The iPhone 4s will sell for $200 today

    This device opens up ideas on how to create our own genes and making a cure for some diseases.
  • iPad 3

    Third ipad apple brought to the world
  • iPad mini

    A mini version of the iPad.
  • iPad 4

    It has better and more storage.
  • iPhone 5

    Apple maps was created.
  • iPhone 5c and 5s

    Now has touch ID.
  • iPhone 6 and 6+

    Apple pay was created.
  • iPad ar

    Was released with the IOS 7
  • iPad mini 2

    second mini iPad made.
  • Apple watch

    First apple watched released
  • iPad mini 3

    3rd model of iPad mini.
  • iPad ar 2

    Came out with the IOS 8.
  • iPhone 6s and 6s+

    Low power mode was created.
  • iPad mini 4

    4th version of the mini iPad.
  • iPad pro

    First ever iPad pro
  • iPhone 7 and 7+

    Has a more upgraded camera.
  • Apple watch series 2

    Connects to the iPhone 7 and 7+
  • iPad pro

    Different size.
  • Air pods

    First apple product for headphones to be wireless.
  • Artificial intelligence

    This intelligence was created by the AlphaGo team. Go is a very simple game played with many positions.
  • iPhone 8 and 8+

    Last iPhone with a button to go to home screen.
  • Apple watch series 3

    Connects to the iPhone x.
  • iPad pro 2

    The second iPad pro. Different size.
  • iPhone x, xs, xsmax

    Now has a full screen and face ID
  • Apple watch series 4

    Can now call 911.
  • iPad 6 generation

    6 generation to come out as an iPad came out with the IOS 11.
  • iPhone 11

    Has the best camera of all iPhones.
  • Apple watch series 5

    New face design. More things on the cover.
  • iPad pro 3rd generation

    Came out with the IOS 12.
  • iPad air 3rd generation

    Came out with IOS 12.2. Doesn't have a home button.
  • Quantum Computers

    A computer that calculates faster than a conventional one.
  • Air pods generation 2

    Newer version of airpods.