Iphone stack june 2016 angle

Evolution of iPhones

By ksaouk
  • iPhone

    You could only put in 16GB on this iPhone.
    There was not much Data on this iPhone.
    This was one of the only phones that had a camera.
    There was no app store for this iPhone.
    This phone could only handle 128MB of memory.
  • iPhone 3G

    iPhone 3G
    This iPhone was not much different than the first iPhone.
    A major difference was that it had an app store.
    People liked this phone better because of its connectivity. It was much better than the first iPhone
  • iPhone 3GS

    iPhone 3GS
    This phone has 32GB of storage.
    The camera improved.
    The camera had a video setting.
    There is voice control on this iPhone.
  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4
    This phone has a front camera.
    This phone also has a Retina display.
    It has 512MB of memory.
    This phone can handle a lot more than the iPhone 3GS
    The amount that it could hold was still the same though.
  • iPhone 4S

    iPhone 4S
    The camera was improved for this phone.
    The memory did not change but the GB did. It is now 64GB of storage.
    Siri was introduced on this phone.
  • iPhone 5

    iPhone 5
    The memory was increased to 1GB.
    This phone has an LTE connection.
    The screen for this phone increased. Before it was 3.5 and now it is 4 inches.
  • iPhone 5C

    iPhone 5C
    This iPhone is pretty much the exact same thing as the previous iPhone.
    The only difference is that there is a hard shell on the back.
    The colors are also more bright.
  • iPhone 5S

    iPhone 5S
    There as not much difference between the iPhone 5 and this iPhone.
    In this iPhone, you can do touch ID
  • iPhone 6

    iPhone 6
    This iPhone is like the iPhone 5S.
    This phone has a bigger screen compared to the other phones.
  • iPhone 6+

    iPhone 6+
    This phone is exactly like the iPhone 6.
    The only difference is that this phone has a much bigger screen.
  • iPhone 6S+

    iPhone 6S+
    This iPhone is basically the same as the 6S.
    The only difference is that it is a bigger size.
  • iPhone 6S

    iPhone 6S
    This is basically the same thing as the iPhone 6 and 6+, but there were some upgrades.
    The camera went from 8MP to 12MP.
    They also te memory was doubled from 1GB to 2GB
    The last iPhone had some bending issues so they fixed that.
    They also gave it 3D Touch
  • iPhone SE

    iPhone SE
    The iPhone SE includes everything in the iPhone 6S
    The only thing that it does not have is 3D Touch.
    This phone was created as a more affordable choice for buyers.
    This phone was a big hit.
  • iPhone 7

    iPhone 7
    The storage is now 256GB.
    There are new base models for this phone.
    For the first time, Apple introduced a shiny black color.
    For this phone, you do not have to press the home button. If you just place your finger on the home button, the phone unlocks using Touch ID.
  • iPhone 7+

    iPhone 7+
    This plus was a much bigger hit than any of the others because of a new dual camera. You could now zoom when taking a picture and use portrait mode.
    The air pods were released at the same time this iPhone was.
  • iPhone 8+

    iPhone 8+
    This phone is the same as the iPhone 8 but it is just bigger.
  • iPhone 8

    iPhone 8
    This was the first phone to be able to do wireless charging.
    This phone had glass on the back.
    The camera for this phone was upgraded along with the editing tools.
    The blue light was decreased to improve the viewing experience.
  • iPhone X

    iPhone X
    This phone was the first to use a face ID to unlock the phone.
    This phone includes an extra front-facing camera.
    Using this front-facing camera, you can take portraits.
  • iPhone XS

    iPhone XS
    They skipped the iPhone 9 and went straight to the iPhone 10. They did this because it was the 10th anniversary of Apple.
    The biggest upgrade was the upgrade that made the battery lasts for a longer time.
  • iPhone XS Max

    iPhone XS Max
    This iPhone is the exact same as the iPhone XS.
    Really the only difference between them is that this phone has a bigger screen.
  • iPhone XR

    iPhone XR
    This iPhone is much cheaper than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.
    This phone has a much better choice of colors. They are brighter.
    The display was not that crisp but because of the Liquid Retina HD display, that was not too noticeable.
    This phone had way more colors than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.
  • iPhone 11 Pro

    iPhone 11 Pro
    This product has 3 cameras on the back.
    The cameras are still 12MP.
    This phone has duller colors than the iPhone 11.
  • iPhone 11

    iPhone 11
    This phone has an extra added camera on the back.
    It also comes in 6 different colors.
    This device has a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display.
    The cameras are both 12 MP.
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

    iPhone 11 Pro Max
    This phone is Apple’s most expensive phone.
    This phone is basically the same as the iPhone 11 Pro.
    The only difference is that this phone has a bigger screen.