Apple Phones Timeline

  • Apple Begins

    Apple is established in Cupertino, CA.
  • iPhone Introduced

    At MacWorld 2007 Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone. This phone came in 4 and 8GB sixes and had a 2.0MP camera. The first iPhone couldn’t run apps made by third parties.
  • iphone.com

    The iphone.com is purchased by Apple from the original owner since 1995, Michael Kovatch. The purchase sum is expected to be over $1M.
  • First iPhone is Released

    The first iPhone is released, and it becomes the world's most hyped consumer product.
  • First Apps

    First Apps
    Nightwatch adapts a toolchain to the iPhone, and the first apps are compiled.
  • iPod

    Apple annouces the iPod touch at a media event.
  • iOS

    Apple releases iOS 1.1.1.
  • iPhone SDK

    The iPhone SDK is announced to be released in February, but delayed until March 6th.
  • App Store

    Apple releases the App Store which changes the world of smartphones forever.
  • iOS 2.0.1

    Apple releases iOS 2.0.1 filmware.
  • iPhone 3G

    iPhone 3G
    The iPhone 3G is announced at WWDC '08.
  • iOS 2.2.1

    Apple releases iOS 2.2.1, closing the AT+stkprof.
  • Overflow?

    It's discovered that iPhone 3G is vulnerable to the 0x24000 Segment Overflow.
  • iPod Touch 3G

    iPod Touch 3G
    The iPod touch 3G is released.
  • iPad

    Apple releases the iPad.
  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4 is launched.
  • 1 Millionth iPhone Sold

    Only 74 days after the iPhone is launched, Apple announces that iPhone sales surpassed 1 million.
  • Ultrasn0w

    Ultrasn0w is released by the iPhone Dev Team to unlcok iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.
  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4
    Verizon announces the iPhone 4 (iPhone 3,3).
  • iPad 2

    iPad 2
    The iPad 2 is released in the USA.
  • "Face Off"

    Hands on "Face Off" comparing different aspects of the Apple iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S 2.
  • New Introductions

    Apple introduces iPhone 4S, iCloud, Notification Center and Siri. These new updates were crucial to Apple's successes.
  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs passes away.
  • iOS 5

    Apple releases the iOS 5.
  • iPhone 4S

    iPhone 4S
    The iPhone 4S is officialyly released.
  • iBooks

    Apple announces iBooks version 2.0.
  • New Devices

    Apple releases iOS 5.1, and they announce the iPad3, Apple TV 3G, and the iPad 2 (iPad2,4).
  • iPhone 5

    iPhone 5
    Initial release of the iPhone 5 in first set of countires.
  • New iPads

    Apple announces new iPad 4 and iPad mini.
  • iTunes

    Apple releases iTunes 11.
  • 16 GB

    Apple quietly releases a 16 GB version of the iPod touch 5G.
  • New iOS

    iOS 7.0 is released for the iPad 2, and newer, iPad mini 1G, iPhone4, and iPod touch 5G.
  • iPhone 5c and 5s

    iPhone 5c and 5s
    Apples releases the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s.
  • Fixes and iPads

    iOS 7.0.3 is released to fix various bugs including a passcode bug. Also iPad Air and iPad mini 2G are announced.
  • iPad Air

    iPad Air
    The Apple iPad Air is released.