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Iowa's Timeline

By sophied
  • Hooray fo Iowa!

    Hooray fo Iowa!
    Iowa becomes the 29th state. Good Job Iowa!
  • The first Railroad in Iowa

    The first Railroad in Iowa
    In 1856 the first railroad was completed. At this time, most of the eastern region of the railroad was already completed. The western part was to start at Council Bluffs on the Missouri River on Iowa's western border.
  • Free!

    A law was passed that all children get a free education. However, many public schools were segregated.
  • Earthquake!

    An earthquake was felt in Iowa.
  • The train has been robbed!

    The train has been robbed!
    Jesse and Frank James and their gang of outlaws robbed their first train near Adair.
  • English is offical!

    English is offical!
    Iowa makes English its offiical language.
  • A female?

    A female?
    May E. Frances became the first female to be elected statewide post in Iowa.
  • Tornado!

    A tornado strikes Iowa. The tornado destroyed every building in the town of Jorden.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The Great Deprssion happens. Buisinesses failed, and the factories let their workers go.
  • The Great Flood!

    The Great Flood!
    The Mississppi Flood occurs in Iowa.