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Inventions Of the 1970s

By izgray
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  • Home VCR invented

    Home VCR invented
    Big bulky plastic tapes that held our favorite movies and cartoons. A step behind the CD but, still truly a great invention in it's time. Family movies were brought from the reels and stored onto VCR tapes. These tapes were more durable and took up less space than the reels of film.
  • Floppy Disk Invented

    Floppy Disk Invented
    Created by Alan Shugart the floppy disk is an electronic storage medium.
  • Email invented

    Email invented
    Ray Tomlinson created the first electonic mailing device to be used by his friends but it soon spread throughout the country
  • LCD Invented

    LCD Invented
    Liquid Crystal Display used for Televisions, Computers, Calculators, Video Game Monitors, Cockpit Displays, Digital Signs, Clocks and Telephones.
    Invented by James Fergason
  • Hacky Sack

    Hacky Sack
    John STalberger and Mike Marshall.
    American sport kicking a fist sized ball around with a partner, in a circle, or by oneself.
  • Pong invented

    Pong invented
    First video game invented by Atari inc. Made to simulate table tennis
  • Genetic Engineering

    Genetic Engineering
    This is the direct human manipulation of an organism's genome using modern DNA technology. It involves the introduction of foreign DNA or synthetic genes into the organism of interest.
  • Bar code Created

    Bar code Created
    Commonly used today, sometimes in n evolved manner, the bar code was an optical machine read le way of representing data by varying bar widths.
  • Disposable Lighter

    Disposable Lighter
    Invented by BIC, mentioned in TIME, the disposable lighter could provide 3,000 lights before wearing out.
  • Post-it Note Invented

    Post-it Note Invented
    In 1974, Art Fry came up with the idea of using an adhesive to anchor his bookmark in his book. Fry then developed the idea by taking advantage of 3M's officially sanctioned "permitted bootlegging" policy. From there on Post-it-notes have been used all around the world.
  • Pushthough Top on Pop Can

    Pushthough Top on Pop Can
  • Ink Jet Printer Invented

    Ink Jet Printer Invented
    A type of computer printer that creates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper. Inkjet printers are the most commonly used type of printer and range from small inexpensive consumer models to very large professional machines that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  • MRI Scanner

    MRI Scanner
    An MRI machine uses a powerful magnetic field to align the magnetization of some atomic nuclei in the body, and radio frequency fields to systematically alter the alignment of this magnetization. This causes the nuclei to produce a rotating magnetic field detectable by the scanner—and this informat
    Raymon V. Damadiand
  • Jarvik-7 Atrificial Heart

    Jarvik-7 Atrificial Heart
    First used in 1982
    inveted by Robert Jarvik
  • Cell Phone Invented

    Cell Phone Invented
    Portable phone using radio links to make and recieve calls, most commonly used today, with many alterations.