The light bulb

inventions 1800's

  • Period: to

    Early American Inventions

  • W.A. Burt invents the typewriter

    W.A. Burt  invents the typewriter
    acourding to william austin burt, his typographer is the first invented typewriter
  • Joseph Henry door bell electric

    Joseph Henry door bell electric
    for the longest time house guests had to wait out side in too hot, rainy, snowy and too cold of weather; waiting for the host to hear the inconvienient house bells and door knockers.
  • cyrus mccormic first succesful reaper

    cyrus mccormic first succesful reaper
    saving farmers from hours of backbreaking work
  • john deere steel plow

    john deere steel plow
    blacksmith john deere invented
  • grain elevator

    grain elevator
    Buffalo, NY
    Joseph dart built the first one
    and put grain on them to transport near the market where
    he worked
  • anaesthesia

    Dr. Crawford Long first used his ether anethstetics on a tumor removal patient. The ether worked so well that the patient didn't even realize his tumor had been removed.
  • samuel morse working electric telegraph

    samuel morse working electric telegraph
    the words sent were "what hath God wrought?"
  • The rules of baseball

    The rules of baseball
    Based on an English game called rounders, Alexander Cartwright created the most popular rules to baseball and named it Knickerbocker rules after his own team.
  • sugar cane evaportator

    sugar cane evaportator
    Norbert Rillieux, an African American inventor, created an efficient sugar cane juice evaporator.
  • ring shaped doughnut

    ring shaped doughnut
    Hanson Crockett Gregory invented the idea of a ring shaped doughnut when he was on a lime trading ship. In those days doughnuts where shaped so that grease collected and soaked up in the middle giving indigestion. he was 16 yrs old when he fixed the doughnut to it's formal self.
  • walter hunt safety pin

    walter hunt safety pin
    former inventor Walter Hunt was twisting metal pieces in his hands trying to think of how he would be able to pay a 15 dollar debt when he created the safety pin.