invention time line-Gavin Hancock

  • cotton gin

    cotton gin
    Eli Whitney went to college at yale and the cotton gin was invented in North Carolina. the cotton gin is used for taking the seeds out of the cotton this itam has changed the world by letting us make clothes faster and easyer.
  • typewritter

    The typewritter had 52 original disigns.The word TYPEWRITTER is the longest word on one row of letters. the typewritter is a divice that types letters on a piece of paper when that letter is hit this itam changed the world by letting news get out there fast than hand writting something.
  • bifocals

    The first magnifing lenses were made around 300BC.Pope Leo X depicted Wearing glasses. The bifocals are magnifing lenses for the eye this itam has changed the world by letting peaple with bad site see better so they can tell whats going on in the world.
  • sewing machine

    sewing machine
    In the earl 1800 hundreds clothes were made by hand.Elias Howe died in 1867. The sewing machine is a divice that strands fabrics together by a string this itam has changed the world by letting us make clothes faster and easyer than hand sewing.
  • machanical reaper

    machanical reaper
    The machanical reaper was made to cut small grain crops.Cyrus McComick sold 54,841 machines. the machanical reaper is a horse drawn divice that cuts small grain and put into a basket this itam changed the world by lettin us pick grain up to five times faster than hand picking this let us make food faster this is important becuase high damand.
  • morse code

    morse code
    The morse code was made for making distrest call.It was used by making series of taps. The morse code is a divice that was used in the late 1800 for makeing distress calls.This has changed the world becuase it was the begining of the telephone wich we all use today.
  • Telephone

    Hienz ketchup was invented the same year as the telephone.Alexander died in 1922. The telephone is a divice that lets us make distant conversations.The telephone has changed the world by letting us talk to peaple without meeting face to face or by hand wrighting a letter.
  • airconditioner

    The first airconditioner was used in a news paper factory to keep humidity low. Before air conditioner factorys quit working in the summer.

    made by Willis Carrier
    The air conditioner is a divice that hydrats and cools the air.The air conditioner changed the world by letting us work longer and get away from the heat on a hot day.
  • Zipper

    At first the zipper was used for tabaco pouches and boots.In the ninteen thirtys they started using it in clothes. the zipper is a divice that congons two teeth like parts togother.the zipper has changed the world by letting us use winter coats and other thing like jackets wich is inportant in the winter.
  • microwave oven

    microwave oven
    The first microwave had 1600 watts.The first microwave was made on accident. the microwave oven that heats food by using microwave radiation.this has changed the world by letting us make food way faster so the world moves faster.
  • Windshield wipers

    Windshield wipers
    The fist windshield wipers used by hand.The first automatic windshield wipers where made by Bosch.
  • computer mouse

    computer mouse
    The fist mouse was made from wood.The computer mouse was originaly called the bug.