Into Thin Air bky Jon Krakauer

  • Everest Summit, May 10, 1996, 29,028 Feet. 333 pages

    Non-fiction: Autobiographical account--1-21 pages; total (21) Krakauer talks about his involvement in the expedition in the Everest disaster as a reporter and gives the history of Mount Everest.
  • pages 1-21, 21 pages total

    Krakauer talks about the disaster he is going to wirte about and the history of the climbing of Mt. Everest.
  • pages 22-46, 46 pages total

    Krakauer tells about how he became involved in climbing Everest and describes the beginning of his trip to accomplish it.
  • pages 46-80, 80 total pages

    Krakauer tells about:sherpas, getting to base camp, various climbers, and his teammates. They are now heading for Camp 1 which is 2000 feet above base camp.
  • pages81-100, 100 pages

    Krakauer's group is heading up to Camp1, and he is describing the other groups that are making the climb.
  • pages 101-126, 126 total pages

    Krakauer describes staying at Camp1 for 2 nights and going up to Camp 2 for one night. He also describes the death of a sherpa that happened on the trip.
  • pages 127-151, 151 pages

    Krakauer describes: going to Camp3, beliefs of Sherpas, bad weather, and the final acclimitization process in order to prepare to attempt the summit.
  • pages 151-173, 173 pages total

    They are starting their ascent to the summit, and Krakauer talks about the controversy over using bottled oxygen.
  • pages 173-206, 206 total pages

    Krakauer makes the summit, but he describes many issues and problems of the ascent and descent.
  • pages 206-221, 221 pages total

    There are deadly problems on the mountain as a blizzard starts, and climbers are lost and/or stranded.
  • pages 221-251, 251 pages total

    2 guides and 3 climbera are now dead.
  • pages 251-276, 276 paes total

    Everyone is struggling to deal with the tragedy and their own health issues, and someone who was left for dead actually comes back into camp!
  • pages 276-295, 295 pags total

    Krakauer is back home and trying to deal with survivor's guilt. He also explains some ways that people discussed to avoid such a disaster again.
  • pages 296-333, 333 pges total

    Krakauer ends the book by saying how Everest still haunts him. Then he defends his book against another book written about this disaster called, The Climb.