Internet History

  • First Network: Arapanet

    First connection happens between two computers, at Stanford University and UCLA, for first time and later this becomes the "internet".
  • First Email

    First email is sent and the "@" symbol is used.
  • "RE" and "FW"

    John Vittal creates functions such as "move", "forward", "reply", etc. *Note I was not able to find exact date for this event so I left it at default.
  • First "spam" email sent

    Sent to Arapanet people whose addresses were taken from the directory.
  • First Emoticon

    Invented by Scott Fahlman. :-)
  • "dotcom" and other domains come into picture

    *Also no exact date could be tracked down.
  • First Webpage

    New way of spreading information is introduced. *no exact date found.
  • Period: to


    Netscape starts off strong, goes to number one and then is destroyed by Microsoft and later becomes AOL
  • Hotmail

    First webmail service for internet users.