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  • 4,000 BCE

    The Barter

    The Barter
    Barter was the way ancient civilizations began to market, it started with the exchange of products hand to hand, what one had and didn´t need, was exchanged for what the other had and didn´t need
  • -600 BCE

    Money introduccion

    Money introduccion
    Was sought an element that was generally accepted in exchange processes, which was divisible, to allow small exchanges, and which was easy to store and move.
    Money: means agreed for the exchange of goods and property
  • 1271

    Marco Polo - Silk Road

    Marco Polo - Silk Road
    Marco Polo was the pioneer opening the silk route. The Silk Road is a network of trade routes that significantly expanded the trade environment and its connections may change the world more than any political or religious leader
  • 1492

    Discovery of America and the discovery of the passage to the East Indies

    Discovery of America and the discovery of the passage to the East Indies
    Exploration of less expensive and safer sea routes and search for an interoceanic pass that allows a direct commercial line with the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.
    The access to the Atlantic Ocean, in which the new commercial opportunities shook up the social and political order and led to a new balance of power between the nobility, the merchants, and the crown.
  • Transport innovation - Industrial revolution

    Transport innovation - Industrial revolution
    Before the transport revolution the goods had to be carried out near the place of destination it was impossible to transport goods from a distant place. Thanks to the Industrial Revolution several innovations in transport were carried out that allowed the goods to be carried out anywhere and transported cheaply to all points of consumption
  • Suez Canal - Transcontinental Railroad

    Suez Canal - Transcontinental Railroad
    The Suez Canal was a momentous step for the eastern route and produced a radical change in the map of international trade.
    The transcontinental Railroad was a solution that is established as a commercial power
  • Panama Canal

    Panama Canal
    Interoceanic waterway between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, has succeeded in shortening in time and distance the marine communication and to produced integration and world increase
  • Globalization

    Trend that tries to make a free trade zone at international level, arises from the need to lower production costs to give the opportunity to the producer to be competitive in a global environment