International Space Station Timeline

  • 1st V-2 rocket launched

    The V-2 was a single-staged rocket which is filled with alcohol and liquid oxygen. It stood 46.1 ft high and had a thrust of 56, 000 pounds. It could rech 3, 500 miles per hour.
  • 1st U.S launch

    127 German rocket technicians, were brought to USA and bought a huge amount of V-2 parts. Therefore USA made a V-2 of their own.
  • Satellite Sputnik blasts into space

    A Russian satellite has been launched into space-the first man made structure to ever leave Earth's atmoshpere. The Russian news agency, Tass, has said that the satellite Sputnik is now 560 miles above the Earth and is circling it every half an hour.
  • Dog in space

    The Sputnik program was the first program to launch a rocket, a living being and a human being into Earth's orbit.
  • Rocket and communication satellite explosion

    A $225 million dollar rocket and communication rocket exploded after take-off
  • Space Station was released

    The International Space Station was permanently realeased into space. Yup exactly 11 years ago, a space satellite was put in orbit and since then has never been empty. While crew members come and go, NASA and its international partners have been occupying the laboratory in the sky uninterrupted for over a decade.
  • $500 million GeoEye-1

    A $500 million dollar space shuttle ws launched into orbit from Vanden Air Force