Inter his

International conflicts

  • Separation of Texas

    Separation of Texas
    Location: Texas (now USA)
    Liberals and conservatives enter into fight because the texans demanded that Mexico granted them their Independence
    Main characters: Lopez de Santa Ana, Samuel Houston.
  • Pastry War

    Pastry War
    Location: Mexico
    The first French intervention in Mexico, the French complained about the continous armed confrontation and street riots that destroyed their businesses and demanded compensations from the Mexican government
    Main character: Mexican population and french army
  • War with the United States

    War with the United States
    Location: Mexico
    The United states declare war to the Mexican congress because Mexicans had invited their territory and killed their soldiers.
    Main Characters: General Jose Maria Yañez, James K. Polk
  • French intervention

    French intervention
    Location: Mexico
    Mexico negotiated with Spain, Great Britain and France but France invaded Mexico, Napoleon thought that Mexico would provide great wealth in minerals and raw materials.
    Main characters: Napoleon Bonaparte and Benito Juarez
  • Second Empire with Maximilian

    Second Empire with Maximilian
    Location: Veracruz
    Maximilian ideas were liberal, Maximilian came to Mexico to be the emperor and to fix Mexico's problems
    Main characters: