Interactive Timeline

  • The Colonial Period

    The roots of American Educational System are established.
  • Old Deluderr Satan Act

    Gave birth to the idea that public education could contribute to the greater good of our country. It provided the legal foundation for public support of education, which is cornerstone of schooling in our country.
  • Dame Schools

    An early combination of day care and schools.
  • William Berkeley

    Railed against bothj free public eduaction and access to books.
  • Common School Movement

    Benjamin opened an Acedamy in Philedelphia.
  • Constitution Shapes Education

    The United States was a loose collection of seperate colonies that looked mostly to Europe for trade and ideas.During the 45 years from 1775 to 1820, however, the seperate colonies became the United States of America, and this country shaped its future through the Constition and the Bill of Rights.
  • Removing Formal Religion

    The Constitution removes formal religion from the schools and establishes state responsibility in education.
  • Land Ordiance

    The federal government established a role for itself in public education.
  • Early national Education

    The US Constitution written in 1787 and adopted in 1789, played a major role in educational system you'll teach in today.
  • 10th amendment

    The 10th amendment was ratified and gives the education system in our nation to be controlled by the states.
  • Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson became president.
  • English Classical School

    Boston created the first English Classical School.
  • Free public schooling

    Free public schooling becomes accessible to most students.
  • Common School Movement

    New Jersey , the last state to eliminate the requirement that parents pay for their children's elementary.
  • 1865-present

    The Committee of Ten examined the high school curriculum and make recommendations about standards, programs, and methods.
  • First Junior High

    The first junior high for 7,8,9 graders opened in Columbus, Ohio
  • 1865-Present

    Schools become instruments of national purpose and social change
  • Tribal Schools

    Added Native American culture to the curriculum.