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Intellectual Development Of An Infant

  • First And Second Month

    First And Second Month
    In the first 2 months your baby will gain information through senses and make eye contact. Your baby will prefer faces to objects. Your baby can also distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar voices.
  • Third And Fourth Month

    Third And Fourth Month
    Your baby can distinguish familiar and unfamiliar faces. You will be able to tell a smile from a frown. Your baby will be able to make vowel-consonant combinations such as "ah-goo".
  • Fifth And Sixth Month

    Fifth And Sixth Month
    Your baby is alert for longer periods of time, up to two hours. They study objects carefully. They recognize their own name. They recognize basic sounds of native language. They can also distinguish between friendly and angry voices.
  • Seventh And Eighth Month

    Seventh And Eighth Month
    Your baby imitates the actions of others and begins to understand cause and effect. They will remember things that have happened and they can sort objects by size. They can solve simple problems and form sounds such as da, ga,ma, ba. They can recognize some words and their babbling imitates speech inflections.
  • Ninth And Tenth Month

    Ninth And Tenth Month
    Your baby looks for dropped objects and responds to some words and phrases such as "no" and "all gone". They may say a few words. They take objects out of containers and put them back in.
  • Eleventh And Twelfth Month

    Eleventh And Twelfth Month
    They point to and identify objects in books. They can fit blocks or boxes inside one another. They are able to say "mama" and "dada" for parents. They understand simple words and phrases like "come to mommy". And they speak some words regularly.