Inovation of the 13 Colonies

  • Firetruck

    A boston Metal worker invented invented the firetruck. He built a machine that pumped water and was pulled by horses to a fire
  • Swim Fins

    Swim Fins
    When Benjamin Franklin was only 11 he made his first inventions which were swim Fins. These although were out on ones hands and not your feet. Today something similar is the swim flippers and instead of going on your hands they go on your feet.
  • Home Heating

    Home Heating
    Ben Franklin created a home heating system that allowed the smoke go out of the household. Today people now have heating systems but are more modern and even safer.
  • Odometer

    Benjamin Franklin was always curious on how far he traveld on a trip so he figured on how many times a wheel went around until a mile came up. Today we use something like this but it counts our steps and we can see how long we hav gone in a day, week, month, year and so on.
  • Meteorology

    Ben Franklin did not invent meteorology but he did influence it when he was going to watch a lunar eclipse and a storm stopped him. He then observed that storms did not always move the same way as the storm. Today meteorology is a plays a big part in our lives.
  • Electricity

    Benjamin Franklin did not invent electricty but did help us understand it. He conducted an experimant which consisted of flying a kite with a key on it into a lightning storm and seeing what happened. He then saw that the lightning went straight to the key. With what Ben Franklin learned helped us understand electricty and we now utilize it for many different thing.
  • Mapping The Gulf Stream

    Mapping The Gulf Stream
    Benjamin Franklin invented the map of the gulf stream after wondering why trips east were faster than going west. That led him to discovering the North Atlantic Drift which started from the Gulf Of Mexico through the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Bifocals

    Ben Franklin invented bifocals, two lnses in one pair of glasses. This is still in use today by many people in the world.
  • Glass Armonica

    Glass Armonica
    Ben Franklin inveted the glass armonica aafter seeing after seeing water filled wine glasses played by Edmund Delaval. Today we still use instruments like this and others similar.
  • Submarine

    A man named David Bushnell invented the first american sub for military use. this invention was designed to drill a hole in a vessel and place powder keg in it. This invention is still in use today but has diferent operations.