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Innovative Public Private Partnership: Mecial Supply Solutions in Tanzania

  • World Economic Forum

  • TCCC meeting in Tanzania*

  • Global Report Fund Report

  • MSD Tanga Direct Delivery Pilot

    MSD begins direct delivery to health facilities in January 2010.
  • Phase '0'

    Phase '0' begins in January 2010 and ends Febuary 2010
  • Phase '1'

    Phase '1' begins in August 2010 and ends January 2011.
  • Melinda Gates

    Exact date unknown
  • Phase II Begins*

    Phase II begins in April and ends September 2011.
  • Yale GHLI Team begins Evaluation

    Yale GHLI Team begins Evaluation
    Ask Erika for exact date.
  • Phase II Wrap Up Meeting

  • TCCC becomes a Product Red Company

  • Ghana Assessment*