Innovation of the IPod

Timeline created by Spartan8091
  • The first IPod

    The first IPod had a 5-10 GB hardrive alowing the IPod to hold about 1,000 songs. It was the first to have a mechanical scroll wheel along side having a center select button and 4 auxiliary buttons around the wheel.
  • The 3rd Generation of the IPod

    This IPod had the very first touch wheel and it's space went from 10-40 GB. The apperance was changed along side the headphone port.
  • The IPod 4th Generation

    This IPod replaced the touch wheel with the click wheel. The casing for this IPod was also slightly slimmer.
  • The IPod Photo

    This IPod from the name of it allows the user to take photos and had an increased space from 30-60 GB.
  • The IPod Nano 1st Generation

    This IPod was much more durable than the earlier models even though it had less space at 1-4 GB.
  • The IPod Nano 2nd Generation

    This IPod was scratch resistant with a 40% brighter screen
  • The IPod Touch 1st Generation

    THis IPod had a touch screen interface alongside the screen having a list of available apps.
  • The IPod Touch 2nd Generation

    This IPod has a thinner design and includes a volume button and a built in speaker.
  • The IPod Touch 3rd Generation

    This IPod is featured a faster processor and is advanced to a gaming platform rival to the PSP an Nintendo DS.
  • The IPod touch 4th Generation

    This IPod has a Retna display,face time video chat,HD video recorder,and twin cameras.It also includes a microphone and a longer lasting battery.
  • The IPod Touch 5th Generation

    This IPod is the first daul-core IPod Touch and also the first to have siri. It is also only 88g so it is much lighter than the ohers and hsa twice the processing power of the IPod Touch 4th Gen.