• pg 1-74

    At the begginning of the stroy it introduces Mo and Meggie father and daughter.Meggie Folchart lives with her father Maurice in a small farmhouse filled with books. Her father is an expert bookbinder. Her mother disappeared when she was very little. One night, Meggie is reading in her bedroom by the window, when she thinks she spots someone standing out in front of the house in the storm. She runs and tells her father, who tells her that he knows the visitor and that Meggie should return to bed.
  • p75-165

    Elinor has a burglar alarm that she agrees to turn off so that Meggie and Dustfinger can be out on the grounds after dark. Elinor lets Meggie out and watches the performance from her bedroom window. Dustfinger puts on a dazzling display of juggling and fire manipulation.During the performance, a group of Capricorn's men break into the house. Meggie, hearing crashing from the manor, returns to investigate. Elinor intercepts her and pulls her into a side room, telling her that there is no hope.
  • p166-232

    Meggie was three years old when Mo found Inkheart in a used book store. He frequently read aloud to his wife and one night she chose to hear Inkheart. During his reading, several characters, Dustfinger, Capricorn and Basta, appear in the room. Basta seems to be threatening Dustfinger at knifepoint, with Capricorn watching. All three appear disoriented by the change of location. Basta attempts to draw his sword and drops it. Mo picks it up and uses it to hold them at bay.
  • p233-321

    They stop for a rest at a dilapidated house. Meggie, Elinor, and Farid sleep, while Mo and Dustfinger keep watch. Not longer later, Mo awakens Meggie and quickly signals her to remain silent. There are men coming up the road. Basta and Flatnose arrive at the house, being towed by a troop of dogs. Mo, Dustfinger, Farid and Elinor manage to overpower Basta, though Mo sustains a bad bite from one of the dogs. Farid is in favor of killing the men, so that they cannot follow further. However, Mo deci
  • p402-498

    Dustfinger and Farid begin spying on Capricorn's village, using the burned out house on an overlooking hill as a base of operations. Capricorn is clearly away from the village on other business. Dustfinger plots to sneak into the village in the night, though he suspects that Capricorn will have taken Inkheart with him. Farid finds a photo of one of the village maids in Dustfinger's backpack and the two argue about whether the young boy will accompany Dustfinger on the raid.
  • p322-401

    Mo devises a plan that will allow Fenoglio to see Dustfinger, but only from a distance. The old man will walk his grandchildren home to their mother's, lingering in the village square, where Mo left the car. Mo will then return to Dustfinger and tell him that the author did not have a copy of the book.
    Dustfinger notices that Mo looks guilty as he approaches the car. Mo tells Dustfinger that Fenoglio has no copies of Inkheart. Dustfinger knows that something is up.
  • p402-512

    Meggie and Fenoglio are now being held in a room in Capricorn's house. Meggie talks of escape, but Fenoglio, remembering that every one of the guards in the village is armed with a shotgun, tells her that they must wait.
    Dustfinger sneaks into the village and tries to rendezvous with Resa, but is caught by Mortola, Basta and Flatnose. Mortola tells him that Resa's treachery has been discovered.
    Meggie attempts to escape.
  • p513-534

    Mortola tells Meggie that if she does not read the passage correctly, Fenoglio will be summarily executed. Flatnose returns and leaves with more men to attempt to control the fire, which Capricorn tells those remaining to ignore, reiterating that Dustfinger, the fire-handler, is dead. Mo manages to signal to Meggie that he and Farid are observing the scene. Meggie announces that she is about to begin and must not be interrupted, hoping that Mo will overhear her warning.