Influence of Theodoore Roosevelt on Criminal Justice

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    Influencial Period

  • Birth

    Theodoore Roosevelt was born on this day.
  • NY State Assembly

    TR becomes the youngest member of the NY State Assembly
  • Assistant Secretary of the Navy

    TR quits the Civil Service Commission
  • Governor of NY

    TR is governor of NY until 1900
  • Vice President to President

    After President McKinnley is assinated TR is sworn in as president.
  • Drago Doctrine

    This doctrine outlawed use of force in the collection of foreign debts.
  • Court of Arbitration

    TR opens the Court of Arbitration which is a quick inexpensive way to settle disputes.
  • Square Deal

    This deal increased federal power and put a stop to the Laissez Faire approach of the government.
  • Bull Moose Party

    TR forms the Bull Moose Party also called the Progressives that formed some of the ideals that are still around in our society today.
  • Death

    TR died on this day in his sleep
  • Influence Today

    Today TR is remembered for the dedication he has for his beliefs and opinions that have impacted us all.