Industrialization and Railroads in the late 1800's - America and Argentina

  • Discovery of Gold

    The discovery of gold in California raised support to make the shipping of this finding easier.
  • First Railroad

    The first Argentine railroad was built in 1854.
  • First Land Grant railroad

    The Illinois Central arrives in Illinois.
  • Railroad’s were the nations first “big business”

    Nationwide growth in areas such as steel and coal
  • The Transcontinental Railroad

    Congress distributed loans and grants during the Civil War to create a transcontinental railroad to connect California with the Union
  • Public Railway Act

    Congress created two railways, one being the Central Pacific to go to the East from California, and the other being the Union Pacific to go west from Nebraska.
  • Cornelius Vanderbilt

    • Put millions from his steamboat business into the NY Central Railroad in 1867
    • Merged and “consolidated” local railroads into a trunk line connecting NY to Chicago
    • Creates large routes between major cities (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Baltimore)
  • Effects of the railroad

    Aside from providing jobs, railroads opened up supply lines and the easy movement of goods for industry
  • Effects of Railroads in Argentina

    The new railways brought livestock to Buenos Aires from the vast pampas. The animals would be slaughtered here and be shipped from this area
  • Progress in Argentina

    By 1885, 2,700 miles of railways were open for traffic.