Industrial Revolution- Textile Industry

  • Simoen Lord establish a mill in Sydney

    In 1815, SImoen Lord established a mill in Sydney an in 1816, he entered an agreement with Governor Macquarie to mill, dye and dress cloth from the Female Factory at Parramatta.
  • Another early textile factory was established.

    In 1832, another textile factory was established in Blackwattle Bay, Sydney.
  • Seven woollen mills in NSW

    In 1838, there were in seven wollen mills in NSW and in 1841, most people in the colony were dressed in tweeds made at the Parramatta.
  • Output of woollen cloth reached 23500 yards per annum.

  • First cloth ever woven in VIC was produced.

    In Victoria, Linge suggests that the first cloth ever was prouced by the Victorian Woollen and cloth manufacturing company.
  • Textile industry expanded rapidly.

    In the 1870's, the textile industry expanded with employment in factories numbering 1000 by 1877 the increasing towards 2000 from 1895 to 1900.
  • The Waverly Woollen Mill was established.

    In 1873, the waverly woollen mill was established at Disterllery Creek, near Launceston and won the price of 1000 pounds for the first woollen goods manufactured in the colony.