Industrial Revolution Railways

  • First Railway In NSW

    The Sydney Railway Company started building the first railway track in NSW between Sydney and Parramatta a distance of 22 kilometres. The project ran into finacial difficulty and was taken over by the NSW colonial goverment. The line opened on 26 September 1855.
  • First Railway In Australia

    In Victoria the first railway line in Australia opened between Melbourne's Flinders Street Station and Port Melbourne, then called Sandridge.
  • First Line Carrying Steam Powered Train

    In 1854 South Australia had horse drawn railway operating at the mouth of the Murray River, the first line carrying steam powered train opened between Adelaide and Port Adelaide on 21 April 1856.
  • Tasmanian Railway

    In Tasmania, a railway line 72 kilometres long opened between the norhthern towns of Launceston and Deloraine.
  • First Railway In Western Australia

    The private timber railway from Lockville to Yoganup, south of Perth, was the first operating railway in Western Australia.
  • First Railway In Queensland

    The first railway in Queensland went from Ipswich inland to Grandchester using using the narrow 1067 millimetre gauge. The system was extended further to the Darling Downs before it connected with Brisbane , the capital.
  • First Goverment Railway

    In 1879 the first goverment railway opened between Geraldton and Northhampton.
  • Northern Territory Railway

    In the Northern Territory, a railway between Darwin and Pine Creek (253 kilometres) became operational on 1 October 1889.
  • Capital Territory Line

    In the Australian Capital Territory, a 10 kilometre branch line opened between Qucanbeyan, NSW, and Canberra.