Industrial Revolution BHP (Broken Hill Proprietary Company)

  • BHP Established

    Because of the establiment of BHP Australia was about to have its first major mining and steel production company.
  • Tin Discovered On Broken Hill

    Charles Rasp, a boundary rider on the Mt Gipps sheep station, believed he had found tin on the Broken Hill in the Barrier Ranges in western New South Wales. The Broken Hill Mining Company was established by seven men from the Mt Gipps sheep station.
  • Broken Hill Mining Company Upgraded

    The Broken Hill Mining Company was dissovled and became the Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited (BHP). BHP began mining silver, lead and zinc deposits.
  • Smelting Begins

    Smelting commenced at Port Pirie, South Australia.
  • Lead to China

    First export of lead to China by BHP
  • Leases Obtained In South Australia

    Leases are obtained over Iron Knob and Iron Baron iron ore deposits in south Australia.
  • BHP Mines At Iron Knob

    BHP commneces iron ore mining at Iron Knob
  • BHP Begins Steel Work

    BHP begins steelworks operation at Newcastle, New South Wales on 2 June.