Industrial Revolution and the Progressive Era

  • Irish Immigration

    Irish Immigration
    This time period was from 1850's and on. The Irish that came over were typically poor, unskilled and illiterate. Some historians argue that the Irish were seen as not quite white or black but kind of tan. The Irish were considered violent, drunk, and leprechauns, some of them are still used today. This immigration wave was important because the U.S started to become more violent because of the Irish's ways.
  • Gilded Age

    Gilded Age
    A period in the U.S that characterized industrialization and robber barons and captians of industry who profitted from industrialization. This was important because it made the U.S more aware of what business owners would do to get more money.
  • Mass Production Begins

    Mass Production Begins
    This is when factories were making large quantities of goods/services. Assembly Lines were very important to produce as many products as the factory could so everyone could afford the product. This was benificial to the average American because since they made so much of a product, the costs for the product went down. This was important because businesses were more efficiant, they could sell more products, and they could sell the products for lower costs.
  • Waves of Immigration

    Waves of Immigration
    This was a time between 1880 and 1910. Most of the immigrants came from Italy, Northern countries, Easrern Europe, China, and Japan. There was over 300, 000 Chinese from the Opium War and 900, 000 Japanese from the Economic Depression. This was important because this is when we got our name, The Nation of Immigrants.
  • Sherman Antitrust Act

    Sherman Antitrust Act
    First Federal Law to regulate trusts from becoming too powerful. It was mostly aimed to break monopolies and trusts. This was established during Theodore's presidency. This was significant because it broke the trusts in monopolies so the company did not become too powerful.
  • Progressive Era Begins

    Progressive Era Begins
    This was a period of widespread political, economic, and social reform from the 1890s to through the 1920s. Some of the goals during this period were to have tax reform, womans' sufferage, political reform, workers' rights, and enviromental regulations. Most monopolies and trusts we built during this period. This was important because it was the start of making the country a better and safer place to live.
  • Industrial Revolution Begins

    Industrial Revolution  Begins
    This was a time when an increase in producton was brought about by the use of machines. This was significant because this is when the U.S became more modernized with more factories.
  • Immigration Act of 1924

    Immigration Act of 1924
    A small amount of immigrants would be accepted anually from any country to a small percentage of the American residents of the nationality in the U.S in 1920. This was important because it limited the amount of immigrants we were given per year causing the U.S to become smaller in population.