Industrial Revolution

By ggrins
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    Industrial Revolution

  • Water Pump

    The water pump was created by Thomas Newcomen in 1712. This invention pumped water from coals creating steam for the steam engine.
  • Mercury Thermometer

    In 1714 Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the Mercury Thermometer that used his Farenheit scale of temperature that is now used as a standard in the United States.
  • Fire Extinguisher

    In 1723 Ambrose Godfrey invented the first Fire Extinguisher that contained a fire extinguishing liquid and gun powder to expell the liquid onto a flame.
  • Soda Water

    In 1767 Joseph Priestley invented Carbonated Water that is used for Soda Pop.
  • Guillotine

    In 1789 Joseph Ignace Guillotin invented the guillotine that allowed for a more humane and painless death.
  • Cotton Gin

    In 1793 Eli Whitney created the Cotton Gin, which was a machine that automatically pulled out the seeds in cotton without hard labor. This allowed cotton to be sold at an extremely cheaper price.
  • Smallpox Vaccination

    In 1796 Edward Jenner invented the Smallpox vaccination that erradicated the smallpox vaccination overtime.
  • Battery

    In 1800 Alessandro Volta invented the first battery that consisted of copper, zinc, and sulfuric acid.
  • Typewriter

    in 1829 William Austin Burt invented the typewriter that allowed books and papers to be written in a faster and more neat manner.
  • Calculator

    In 1835 Charles Babbage invented the first mechanical calculator.
  • Telegraph

    In 1836 the telegraph was created by Samuel Morse, this allowed for long distance communication using textual messages without physical exchange. This allowed communication without physical exchangement.
  • Sewing Machine

    In 1844 Elias Howe created the sewing machine. This machine allowed things to be sewn together in a quicker more efficient manner, making clothes less work intensive therefore making them able to be produced faster and at a cheaper price.
  • Telephone

    in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, this allowed auditorial communication from long distances. This allowed people who didn't know morse code to communicate at long distances.
  • Phonograph

    In 1877 Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. This allowed the recording and reproductions of sound for the first time ever.
  • First Long Last Lightbulb

    in 1879 Thomas Edison invented the first long lasting lightbulb. This allowed light to be generated through electricity and not fire or heat.
  • First Automobile

    In 1885 Karl Benz invented the first efficient (yet expensive) automobile for the wealthy.
  • Electric Motor

    In 1888 Nikola Tesla invented the electric motor. This allowed the first car to be built using an efficient motor. Allowing cars to function in a decent manner.
  • First Airplane

    In 1903 the Wright Brothers created the first airplane in Dayton Ohio.
  • Model T Ford

    In 1908 Henry Ford created the Model T Ford which was the first car to be affordable to the middle class.
  • Moving Assembly Line

    In 1913 Henry Ford invented the first moving assembly line for the Model T Ford which allowed a car that was already affordable for the middle class to be even more affordable for the middle class by making it more easily produced and replaced parts wise.